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fluid filled extension of the synovial membrane at the knee.posterior extensions of the joint capsule
bakers cysts
protrusion at the metatarsal phalangeal joint of the great toe that occurs when the toe is laterally deviated
fluid filled sack that acts as aprotective cushion at a point of reacurring pressure. inflammation of this sack
idiopathic shrinking & thickening of the fascia on the palm of the hand.limits movement of the fingers
dupuytren contracture
small fluid-filled sacks that are attached to tendinous sheaths or joint capsules
ganglion cysts
hole or rip in the abdominal wall or theinguinal ring through which the small intestines may protrude
genetic mutation that leads to the production of dysfunctional fibrillin a connective tissue
marfan syndrome
chronic or traumatic irritation at the insertion of the quadriceps tendon in cobination with growth spurts
osgood-schlatter disease
flat feet-caved feet
pes planus,pes cavus
pain and inflammation caused by injury to the plantar fascia of the foot
plantar fasciitis
chronic autoimmune disorder involving damage to small blood vessels that lead to abnormal accumulation of scar tissue in the skin
inflammation of a tendon
tendon that pass through a synovial sheath become irritated & inflammed
(wryneck) unilateral spasm of a neck muscle orv muscles causes the head to become stuck in flexion & rotation. head pulled to one side
soft tissue injuries that may occur with cervical acceleration/deceleration