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Munro Abcess
neutrophillic abcess of psoriasis in parakeratotic stratum corneum
Sturge Weber
portwine stain
ipsilat glaucoma
meningeal hemangiomas
multiple vasc tumors, throughout many organ systems.
retinal hemangioblastomas
CNS and spinal hemangioblastomas
renal cell carcinoma
Autosomal dominant
abnl prolif of CT -
deranged arrangment of collagen fibers
Basal cell carcinoma
most common of all malignant skin tumors.

palisading nuclei
Superficial Peroneal nerve innervation
peroneous longus and peroneous brevis

also sensation to the dorsum of the foot except for the first web space
Geniohyoid vs hyoglossus vs palatoglossos
Geniohyoid protrudes tongue, hyoglossos pulls tongue back in
Palatoglossos innervated by 10 function to retract and pull up tongue.
used for osteoporosis, pagets dz of bone, multiple myeloma
inhibits osteoclast resorption of bone
Ribs and cartilage and sternum
Which ribs articulate with the sternum directly via their costal cartilage?
Which ribs articulate with the sternum indirectly via another rib’s costal cartilage?
Which ribs do not articulate with the sternum?
ribs 1-7

The head of rib 5 articulates with the body of the T4 and T5 vertebrae. The tubercle of rib 5 articulates with the transverse process of the T5 vertebra.
Renal osteodystrophy
abnormally elevated serum phosphate (hyperphosphatemia) and low serum calcium (hypocalcemia), both of which are due to decreased excretion/no excretion of phosphate by the damaged kidney, low vitamin D levels and/or tertiary hyperparathyroidism (a dysfunction of the parathyroid gland due to constant stimulation).
Codmans triangle
found in osteosarcoma - malignant osteoblasts
metaphysis, around knee,
most common primary malignant tumor of bone.
Rheumatoid Factor
Anti IgG antibody
(IgM against Fc portion)
Myotonic Dystrophy
Myotonia - inability to relax contracted muscles
wasting of distal limb and facial muscles
cataracts, testicular atrophy, baldness
Incr CTG repeats, anticipation, AD, Cr 19
wide osteoid seams
osteomalacia or rickets
from poor mineralization of bone
increased osteoid
increased osteoblasts
Glucocorticoid SE
cushinoid facies etc
Rheumatoid Arth suppression
Methotrexate, azathioprine, penicillamine, hydroxychloriquine, chloroquine, organic gold compounds and sulfasalazine.
anterior and posterior digastric muscles
anterior is innervated by trigeminal (depresses mandible)
posterior is innervated by facial nerve
what nerve can be injured in a shoulder dislocation - and which direction?
Axillary nerve
anterior inferior dislocations most common
post dislocations in sz
Duchennes is usually a frameshift mutation due to a the largest human gene (dystrophin) has a lot of repeats thus slippage happens. 5% of nl dystrophin levels
Beckers - point mutations that allow some function, 30-80% of nl dystrophin levels
axillary artery runs through what point of the brachial plexus
runs through the cords. Thus
Bone involvement breast vs prostate cancer
breast cancer mets has blastic and lytic lesions
prostate mets is mainly blastic
what kind of collagen is found in articular cartilate
type 2 collagen
hyaline and articular cartilages
centrally acting muscle relaxant similar in stx to TCA
like amitryptiline
NSAID - long half life - once a day - takes 2 weeks to reach therapeutic effect. less GI irritation
Thoracic outlet sydnrome
Btw Anterior scalene posterior scalene muscles lies the brachial plexus and the subclavian art. THe phrenic nerve goes over the top of the ant scalene.
Connetive tissue
cytoskeletal actin and microtubule type fillaments
Intermediate filaments of muscle
neural crest cells
50% of malignant peripheral nerve sheath tumors, and clear cell sarcomas.
where do you find the dorsalis pedis pulse
btw the extensor hallucis longus and the extensor digitorum tendons
silver sulfadiazine
topical cream used for 2nd and 3rd degree burns. broad spectrum of activity including fungals
Wickott Aldrich
X linked. Lack of IgM - lots of pyogenic infections
High IgA and IgE
thrombocytopenia purpura, eczema,
boxer frax
frax of the 5th metacarpal neck
cervical rib
thoracic outlet syndrome due to compression of the brachial plexus or subclavian artery. Compression of the brachial plexus may be identified by weakness of the muscles around the muscles in the hand, near the base of the thumb. Compression of the subclavian artery is often diagnosed by finding a positive Adson's sign on examination, where the radial pulse in the arm is lost during abduction and external rotation of the shoulder.
Osgood Schlatter Dz
avulsion of tibial tubercle, avasc necrosis.

swelling and pain below the knee.
sensation to the lateral forearm - what nerve
rheumtoid lung nodules and pneumoconiosis
caplan syndrome
Gout over producer vs underexretor
overproducer- allopurinol
underexcretor - probenacid, sulfinapyrizine
tophus is a sign of Monosodium urate in soft tiss -sign of chronic gout

severe joint destruction if close to jt

only allopurinol once you have a tophus
why does alcohol cause gout?
ETOh causes metabolic acidosis via lactic acidosis and beta hydroxy butyric acid
-the kidney can only excrete so much acidic stuff. Thus you're making the kidneys secrete a lot of lactic acid and competing with Uric acid secreation
Bells palsy
bilateral - lymes dz
unilateral - herpes or other
Erythema chronicum migrans with hemolytic anemia
babesia microtis
Mechanism of osteoporosis
break down more bone than you're making
not enough estrogen to inhibit Il-1
osteoclast activating factor
overall reduction in total bone mass
Most common cause adolescent
hepatocellular carcinoma
alpha1 antitrypsin deficiency variants - nl pan acinar emphysema
alpha1 antitrypsin variant that doesn't leave liver - hepatocellular carcinoma in adolescent
Triplet repeat
Huntingtons- AD
Myotonic Dystrophy - AD - heart, and other abnl
Fragile X
Friedrichs Ataxia -

all have anticipation
Fragile X syndrome
triplet repeat syndrome of X-linked mental retardation. Boys with the syndrome may have large testes (macroorchidism), prognathism, hypotonia and autism, and a characteristic but variable face with large ears, long face, high-arched palate, and malocclusion. Additional abnormalities may include lordosis, heart defect, pectus excavatum, flat feet, shortening of the tubular bones of the hands, and joint laxity.
Myasthenia gravis
type 2 hypersensitivity.
Thymoma in 15% of cases
thymectimy - in thymus they have GC - bcell hyperplasia is most often seen -. thymectomy can be curative
SLE serum markers
Anti smith - 100% specificity (no false positives)
ANA - 99% sensitivity
Anti DsDNA - also means kidney dz
LE cell
antiDNA antibodies reacting against the DNA - with N/T phagocytosing it.
SLE but nonspecific
Anti Rho (or SSA)
Sjogrens Syndrome
SLE - can have this and it can cross the placenta leading to fetal heart block by attacking the conducting system.
Malassesia Furfura
seborrheic dermatitis - could be an aids defining lesion.
microsporum canus

trichophyton contrans
tinea capitus

most common causes of tinea capitis is trichophyton contrans.
trichophyton rubrum
does all superficial tinea infections besides capitus
Molluscum contagiosum
poxvirus - dna virus
chronically autoinfect
black people get what kind of melanoma
Acrolentiginous Melanoma
most aggressive form of melanoma
has nothing to do with radiation.
Under the nails, palms, sole of feet.
Where are your androgen receptors in the skin
Sebaceous Gland
- leads to more zits in men bc of the proprionobacterium acnes will break down the fat from the sebaceous gland that produce FA that irritate the follicle.
What do you use to prevent hiruitism
Spironolactone blocks the angrogen receptors
also causes gynocomastia.
amyloid deposition in renal dialysis
beta 2 microglobulin
amyloid deposit of multiple myeloma
AL amyloid from immunoglobin light chain
prealbumin/transthyretin deposition
cardiomyopathic hereditary - senile systemic amyloid
neuropathic hereditary syndromes
senile cardiac amyloid
ANP related fibrils
Causes of a decr ESR
Polycythemia, CHF, Sickle Cell

cells take longer to settle
Risk for transfusion rxn
females who have had pregnancies because nl people will not have anti HLA antibodies without exposure to another persons HLA blood.
24 hrs jaundice in newborn
ABO incompatiblity.

physiologic jaundice of the newborn starts on day 3
Superior epigastric artery innervation
descends rectus abdominus within rectus sheathto innervate anterior abdominal wall and diaphragm and peritoneum
Ant intercostal arteries
12 vessels that supply the upper six intercostal spaces and provide branches to the intercostal, serratus anterior and pectoral muscles.
Musculophrenic artery
supplies pericardium, diaphragm and muscle of the abdominal wall
Pericardiophrenic artery
follows phrenic nerve to supply pleura, pericardium and upper surface of the diaphram.