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Spurling test
narrowing of the neural foramina can cause referred pain into the ipsilateral arm upon compression of the cervical spine due to nerve root compression
Wallenberg test
cervical spine.
tests for vertebral artery insufficiency.
positive test=dizziness, visual changes, lightheadness or eye nystagmus
Adson test
Thoracic outlet syndrome
Neurovascular bundle compression by scalenes
Positive= diminished radial pulse
Somatic dysfunction presents as TART
T= tissue texture changes
A= asymmetry
R= restriction
T= tenderness
Physiologic barrier
the point at which a patient can actively move any given joint
Anatomic barrier
the point at which the joint can be passively moved, by the physician
if move past anatomic barrier--> injury
Restrictive barrier
lies before the physiologic barrier and prevents full ROM at that joint
Fryettes Law 1
Neutral position
sidebending precedes rotation
sidebending and rotation opposite