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-Inserts on lesser trochanter
-Most Powerful Thigh flexor
-Femoral nerve
Psoas major
-Inserts on lesser trochanter
-Flexes thigh and balance trunk
-Nerve L2-L4
-Inserts on Greater trochanter
-Laterally rotates thigh when extended, abducts thigh
-S1, S2
Obturator internus
-Inserts on Greater trochanter
-Laterally rotates thigh when flexed
foreskin- fold of skin covering glans
expansion of corpus spongiosum that forms the head of penis
-Corpora cavernosa (blood-filled sinuses) (2)
-Corpus spongiosum (1) surrounds the spongy urethra
Penis root consists of:
-Fundiform ligament
-Suspensory ligament
Urethral meatus
external opening of the urethra from the head of the glans penis
Area beween scrotum and anus
Male pelvis TYPE:
Features of Android pelvis:
-Prominent ischial spines
-Narrow outlet
-Acute pubic arch (<90')
Male pelvis is _____ where the Female pelvis is ______
Male = Convergent

Female = Divergant
Female pelvic system derives from ____
Mullerian / PMD system
Male pelvic system derives from _____
Wolffian / Mesonephric system
What muscle covers the Corpus Spongiosum in the male?
Bulbospongious - starts at the root, the bulb of the penis.
What muscle covers the crura?
3 Fascial layers of Spermatic cord:
-External spermatic fascia
-Cremasteric muscle
-Internal spermatic fascia
2 Layers of fascia in Scrotum/perineum:
What is the superficial layer?
What is the deep layer?
Buck's fascia
What potential arises by the fact that there are 2 fascia layers in the scrotum?
Injury can cause blood to fill the space between deep/superficial fascia.
What nerve gets blocked in the Circumsion procedure?
Dorsal nerve - an extension/termination of the pudendal nerve.
Preprostatic urethra
Proximal to prostate, surrounded by internal urethral sphincter
Which part of urethra is surrounded by prostate?
Which part of urethra runs through UG Diaphragm?
Memebranous - surrounded by external urethral sphincter too
Which section of penis is longest?
What are the seminal colliculi?
Where the ejaculatory duct and prostatic utricles enter the urethra.
Where does Prostate cancer usually spread to first?
Lumbar veins
What are the 4 accessory organs in the male pelvis?
-Ductus deferens
-Seminal vesicles
-Bulbourethral glands
-Ejaculatory ducts
Components of the Testes:
-Tunica Albuginea
-Seminiferous tubules
-Ductus deferens
-Gubernaculum Testes
What is the tunica albuginea?
The tough outer covering
What is the Gubernaculum testes?
The male analog to the round ligament in females
What is the function of the Gubernaculum?
To prevent twisting of the testes
Where is a hydrocele associated w/ indirect hernia located?
Between Parietal and Visceral layers of tunica vaginalis in the scrotum
How do you determine if a hydrocele accompanies an indirect hernia?
Shine light - if fluid accumultd it will glow red.
What artery supplies the testes?
Pudendal (branches in a few)
Which side is a varicocele vein more common on?
Left side
What supplies blood to the penis? Why is it important?
Deep artery of penis - maintains an erection.
What is the main source of blood to the testes? What takes it away?
-Testicular artery (R/L)
-Pampiniform plexus
What is the main blood supply to the prostate? What aids it?
Inferior Vesicular Artery
-also middle rectal and superior vesical
What are the branches of the Internal Pudendal artery?
-Deep artery of penis
-Dorsal artery of penis
-Urethral artery
-Perineal artery
-Artery of bulb of penis
What does Point/Shoot mean?
Point = erection = Parasymp

Shoot = Ejaculate = Sympathetic
What spinal cord levels do the PArasympathetic nerves come from?
S2-S4; Pelvic Splanchnic nerves
What spinal cord levels do the Sympathetic nerves come from?
T10-L2; Superior Hypogastric plexus
4 sensory nerves in Male Pelvis:
-Posterior femoral cutaneous
Branches of Pudendal nerve:
-Dorsal nerve of penis
-Perineal nerve
-Inferior rectal nerve
-Posterior scrotal
What is Priapism?
Erection lasting more than 4 hours - can result in ischemia and permanent impotence
Common cause of hemorrhoids:
Enlargment of venous circulation - due to portal hypertension.