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O - lateral surface of the temporal bone
I - coronoid process & ramus of mandible
A - closes and retracts jaw
O - Zygomatic arch
I - lateral surface of ramus of mandible
A - Closes jaw, assists in protraction, moves jaw side to side
O - Alveolar processes of Maxilla and mandible
I - Orbicularis oris (lips)
A - presses cheeks against teeth ie whistling/blowing. Keeps food between teeth.
Orbicularis oris
O - Maxilla, mandible, lips and buccinator
I - skin at corner of mouth
A - lip closure, shapes lips during speech.
O - anterior and superior manubrium & medial third of clavicle
I - Lateral aspect of "mastoid process" and anterior half of superior
nuchal line
A - Flexes and laterally rotates cervical spine. Protracts head when acting together . Extends neck when neck already partially extended
Scalene muscles (ant, medius, posterior)
O - transverse processes of cervical vertebra
I - ant and Medius to 1st rib, posterior to 2nd rib
A - Accessory to inspiration, hold your head up.
Pectoralis Major
O - clavicle (Clavicular head), sternum and costal cartilages of the 2nd - 6th ribs
I - greater tubercle and intertubercular sulcus of the humerus.
A - Adduction and medial rotation of the humerus
Pectoralis minor
O- Anterior 3,4,5 ribs
I - coracoid process of scapula
A - Elevates ribs if scapula fixed, protracts (adduction as in pushup or punch) scapula
O - 1st rib
I - clavicle
A - stabilises clavicle
External - O - inferior border of ribs 1 - 11
I - superior border of ribs 2 - 12
A - elevate ribs during inspiration
Internal intercostals
O - superior border of ribs below
I - inferior border of ribs above
A - assists in expiration
serratus anterior
O - outer surface of upper 8 ribs
I - vertebral border and inferior angle of scapula
A - protraction and laterally rotates scapula
O - ligamentum nuchae (occiput), C7 - T12
I - lateral clavicle, acromion process
A - laterally rotates, elevates and retracts scapula. If scapula is fixed, extends and laterally flexes neck
O - subscapular fossa
I - lesser tubercle of humerus
A - medial rotation of humerous
Rhomboid major
O - T2 - t5
I - vertebral border of scapula
A - retraction - downward rotation of scapula
Rhomboids minor
o - c7 - t1
I - root of spine at scapula
A - retraction - downward rotation of scapula
Teres Major
O - inferior angle of scapula
I - medial lip of bicipital groove of humerus
A - extension, medial rotation & adduction of humerus
Teres minor
O - Upper axillary border of scapula
I - greater tubercle of humerus
A - lateral rotation - extension of humerus
O - supraspinous fossa of scapula
I - greater tubercle of humerus
A - stabilise head of humerus to initiate abduction
O - infraspinous fossa of scapula
I - greater tubercle of humerus
A - lateral rotation - extension of humerus
Latissimus dorsi
O - T7 - iliac crest, lowere 3 or 4 ribs, inferior angle of scapula
I - intertubercular sulcus of humerus
A - Extends, adducts and medially rotates arm. Costal attachment helps with deep inspiration and forced expiration
Levator scapula
O - C1 - 4
I - superior vertebral border of scapula
A - eleavates scapula and rotates it downward