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Transversus Thoracis
O: caudal/internal side of the sternum
I: internal margin of costal and chondral portion of ribs R2-R5
L: pull ribs into the sternum to deflate
M: T2-T12
Int. Intercostals Interosseous
O: caudal side of rib above
I: rostral side of rib below
L: lateral and rostral to medial and caudal
M: T2-T12
Serratus Post. Inferior
O: T11-L2 spinous processes
I: R9-12 on dorsal surface of rib as far as the angle
L: Medial and caudal to lateral and rostral to expand the ribs rostrally
M: T9-T12
Rectus Abdominis
O: caudal chondral margins of R5 lateral of sternum and xiphoid process
I: pubic tubercle, symphis, inguinal ligamen to the spine of the iliac crest
L: caudally to depress lower ribs
M: T7-T12
External Obliques
O: rectus sheath
I: ventral and lateral surface of ribs R5-R12
L: caudally and medial to depress lower ribs
M: T7-T12 + L1
Internal Obliques
O: ventral iliac crest, lumbar fascia
I: lateral margin of rectus sheath, R9-R10
L: rostrally and medially to depress lower ribs
M: T7-T12 + L1
Transversus Abdominis
O: iliac crest, lumbar fascia
I: rectus sheath
L: laterally
M: T7-T12 + L1
Quadratus Lumborum
O: rostral margin of iliac crest
I: transverse processes of L1-L5, caudal margin of R12
L: medial and rostral to lateral and caudal to pull ribs down
M: T12 + L1- L4