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lower extremities =
upper extremities =
extremity =
ankle bone on outside of ankle joint
- lateral malleolus
Achilles tendon -
thickest and strongest tendon in body
Achilles or calcaneal
fibrous cords by which muscle is attached
- tendons
(not a muscle)*covers and hold in place the muscles and tendons of the anterior of the foot
extensor retinaculum
shinbone =
tibia =
inner and larger of the two bones of the lower human leg, extending from the knee to the ankle; shinbone
(attaches)*upper part of femur - broad flat process to which several muscles are attached
greater trochanter
trochanter major =
greater trochanter
(attaches)*thick, long band of fascia lata that extends down the side of the thigh to the tibia
iliotibial tract
(membrane)*membrane enveloping and supporting a muscle or group of muscles.
fascia lata
anterior leg muscle that pivots the lower leg on the thigh and the thigh on the pelvis -
anterior leg muscle; knee extension and hip flexion -
rectus femoris
anterior leg muscle extends and stablizes knee
- vastus lateralis
anterior leg muscle aids in everting and pronating the foot
- peroneus longus
anterior leg muscle assists in everting and pronating the foot
- peroneus brevis
hip flexor anterior leg muscle -
anterior leg muscle providing flexion, adduction, and medial rotation of thigh
- pectineus
anterior leg muscle adducts and medially rotates the thigh -
adductor longus
anterior leg muscle;(slender)vertical muscle of the inner thigh -
anterior leg muscle extends leg -
vastus medialis
calf muscles (2) - gastrocnemius
muscle performs are dorsiflexion and inversion of the foot, and extension of the great toe
extensor hallucis longus
internal malleolus =
medial malleolus
medial malleolus =
internal malleolus
*anterior leg muscle that is the rounded process of the tibia forming the internal surface of ankle joint; internal malleolus
medial malleolus
thigh adductor muscle -
adductor magnus
hamstring =
posterior leg muscle; hamstring; acts to flex the leg and rotate it medially and to extend the thigh
semitendinosus *
posterior leg muscle;located at back and medial side of thigh
semimembranosus *
foot extensor muscle
- soleus
back of heel muscle =
calcaneal tendon; Achilles tendon
buttock muscle large
- gluteus maximus
*posterior leg muscle; most lateral hamstring muscle; two-headed; The primary action of the long head is extension of the thigh. The primary actions of the short head are flexion and lateral rotation about the knee
biceps femoris
lower leg lateral compartment muscle
- peroneus longus
lower leg lateral compartment muscle, lying deep to peroneus longus
- peroneus brevis
lower leg lateral compartment muscle, lying deep to peroneus longus
- peroneus brevis
fascial structure of leg
extensor retinaculum