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Tibialis Anterior
O:Upper 2/3 lateral surface of tibia
I: Medial/Plantar of 1st metatars/cunieform
A: Dorsiflexion/inversion
N: Deep Fibular
Extensor Hallucis Longus
O:Mid of Fibula, on medial/anterior part of interossus
I: Dorsum of distal phalanx of hallucis
A: Toe ext, dorsiflexion, invers
N: Deep Fibular
Extensor Digitorum Longus
O: Upper 2/3 of anterior fibula, interrosus, lateral condyle of tibia
I: 4 tendons into mid/distal phalanx of 4 lateral toes
A: Toe Ext, Dorsi/Eversion
N: Deep Fibular
Fibularis Tertius
O: Lower 1/3 of ant/lat of fibula
I: Dorsum on 5th metatarsal bone
A: Dorsiflexion/eversion
N: Deep Fibular
Fibularis Longus
O: Upper 2/3 of fibula and lat condyle of tibia
I: 1st metatarsal and cuniform
A: Eversion/Plantar Flexion
N: Superficial Nerve
Fibular Brevis
O: Lower 2/3 of lateral of fibula
I: Base of 5th metatarsal bone on lat side
A: Eversion, Plantar flex
N: Superficial Fibular
O: Posterior/medial/lateral condyles of femur
I: Calcaneus Tuberosity via Achilles Tendon
A: Plantarflexion/knee flexion
N: Tibial
O: Poster upper 1/3 of fibula, soleal line of tibia, interosseus
I: Calcaneus Tuberosity via Achilles Tendon
A: Plantarflexion
N: Tibial
O: Lateral supracondylar ridge of femur
I: Medial side of posterior part of calcaneus/calcaneal tendon
A: Planterflexion/knee flexion
N: Tibial
Tibialis Posterior
O: Interosseus membrane, adjacent bony surface of posterior tibia/fibula
I: Navicular/Cuboid, 123 Cun, 234 Meta
A: Inversion/plantarflexion
N: Tibial
Flexor Digitorum Longus
O: Mid 3/5 of posterior fibula and interosseus
I: 4 tendons to base of distal phalanx on plantar of 2-5 toes
A: Toe flexion/inversion/plan-fle
Flexor Hallucis Longus
O: Lower 2/3 of posterior of fibula
I: Plantar of distal phalanx of big toe
A: Toe flexion/inversion/plan-flex
O: Lateral of lateral condyle femur
I: Triangular space on posterior tibia above oblique/soleal line
A: Knee flexion/internal rotation
O: Tuberosity of ischium
I: Posterior aspect of medial condyle of tibia
A: Hip ext/knee flex/knee internal rot
N: Sciatic (tibial)
O: Tuberosity of ischium with long head of bicep femoris
I: besides gracilis/sartorius on medial tibia where shaft and head join
A: Hip ext/knee flex/knee internal rotation
N: Sciatic (tibial)
Bicep Femoris
O: Long head: Tuberosity of ischium/sacrotuberous ligament. Short head: lateral lip of linea aspera
I: Head of fibula
A: Hip ext/knee flex/knee ex rotation
N: Sciatic= Long: Tibial Short: Common Fibular
Vastus Medialis
O: Medial of linea aspera
I: Tibial tuberosity via quad tendon
A: Knee ext
N: Femoral
Vastus Intermedius
O: Prox 2/3 ant/lat of femur
I: Deep surface of quad tendon to tibial tuberosity
A: Knee ext
N: Femoral
Vastus Lateralis
O: lateral lip of linea aspera
I: Tibial tuberosity via quad tendon
A: Knee ext
N: Femoral
Rectus Femoris
O: AIIS and superior brim of acet.
I: Superficial of patella to tibial tuberosity via quad tendon
A: Hip flex/knee ext
N: Femoral
Articularis Genu
O: Ant femur distal to Vastus Int.
I: Prox of synovial of knee
A: Draws articular capsule proxim
N: Branch to vastus intermedius (Femoral)
Psoas Major
O: bodies/transverse process of last T and all 5 L vertebrae
I: Lesser trochanter of femur
A: Hip flex/ext rotation
N: 2nd/3rd lumbar
Psoas Minor
O: Sides of bodies of T12-L1
I: Pectineal line and iliopectineal eminence
A: Flexion of plevis/lumber spine
N: L1-2
O: Superior 2/3 of iliac fossa iliac crest and ala of sacrum
I: Lesser trochanter of femur
A: Hip flex/external rotation
N: Branch of femoral
O: ASSI and inferior notch
I: Medial tibia at junction of head and shaft
A: hip flex/abd/ext rot/knee flex, internal rot.
N: Femoral
O: Pectineal line of pubis between iliopectineal eminence and pubic tubercle
I: Pectineal line on femur (near lesser trochanter)
A: Thigh add/flex/slight internal rot.
N: Femoral and accessory obturator
Tensor Fasciae Latae
O: Lat of ASI crest
I: To gerdy's tubercle via IT band
A: Tenses Fasciae latae, hip flex/abd/internal rot
N: Superior Gluteal
Gluteus Minimus
O: Exteral ilium btween inf/ant gluteal lines
I: Anterior of greater trochanter
A: Hip internal rot
N: Superior Gluteal
Gluteus Medius
O: External of ilium between iliac crest and pos/ant gluteal line
I: External of greater trochanter
A: Hip abd/ rotates thigh when leg is extended/stabliziation of opposite hip
N: Superior Gluteal
Gluteus Maximus
O: Post crest of ilium, pos t of sacrum/coccyx, ext of ilium between post/crest gluteal line, sacrotuberous lig.
I: Gluteal tuberosity/IT band
A: Hip ext/assists in add and ext rotation
N: Inferior Gluteal
O: Lat on inferior ramus of pubis/ischium
I: Medial tibia beside sartorius/semiten where head/shaft meet
A: Knee flex/inter rot/ hip add
N: Obturator
Adductor Brevis
O: Lat of inferior ramus of pubis
I: Upper 1/3 of linea aspera
A: Hip add/slight medial rot/ext/flex
N: Obturator
Adductor Longus
O: body of pubis
I: middle half of medial linea aspera
A: Hip add/int rot/ext/flex
N: Obturator
Adductor Magnus
O: External ischial tuberosity, inferior rami of ischium/pubis
I: Entire linea aspera, medial supracondylar ridge of femur, adductor tubercle
A: Hip add/ ext rot/ ext/ flex
N: Obturator and Sciatic
O: Anterior sacrum near greater sciatic notch
I: superior greater trochanter
A: Ext rot of extended hip, abducts hip when limb is flexed
N: 1st/2nd sacral
Gemellus Superior
O: Lat of ischial spine
I: Medial superior border of greater trochanter
A: Hip ext rot
N: Obturator internus/gemellus superior
Obturator Internus
O: Internal pelvis, obturator membrane
I: Medial of greater trochanter of femur
A: Hip ext rot
N: nerve to OI/GS
Gemellus Inferior
O: Upper of ischial tuberosity
I: Medial superior border of greater trochanter
A: Hip ext rotation
N: Quad femoris/gemellus inferior
Obturator Externus
O: Pubis/ischium rim of obturator foramen
I: Passing back of neck of femur then inserted in fossa of greater trochanter
A: Hip ext rot
N: Obturator
Quadratus Femoris
O: Tuberosity of Ischium
I: Quadrate tubercle on intertrochanteric crest
A: Hip ext rot/add
N: Nerve to Quad Femoris/Gem-Inf
Adductor Hallucis
O: Medial process of calcaneus/plantar apon
I: Medial side of 1st phalanx of toe
A: Big toe abd
N: Medial Plantar
Flexor Digitorum Brevis
O: Anterior tuberosity of calcaneus, plantar apon
I: 2-4 outer toes
A: Toe flex
N: Medial Plantar
Abductor digiti minimi
O: Lateral tuberosity of calcaneus
I: Lateral 1st phalax of small toe
A: Abd
N: Lateral plantar
Quadratus Plantae
O: Calcaneus- 2 head
I: Tendon of flexor digitorum longus
A: Toe flex
N: Lateral plantar
O: Tendons of FDL
I: Tendons of EDL
A: Flexes at metatarsalphalax joints, extnds toe in interphalangeal joint
N: Medial Plantar/Lateral Plantar
Flexor Hallucis Brevis
O: Plantar cuboid, tendon of Tib-Pos
I: 1st Phalanx of great toe
A: Flexes big toe
N: Medial Plantar
Adductor hallucis
A: Adducts hallucis
N: lateral plantar
Flexor Digiti Minimi Brevis
O: 5th metatarsal
I: 1st phalax of 5th toe
A: Flex
N: Lateral Plantar
Extends toe, innervated by deep fibular