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What are the 4 functional groups of muscle?
Prime movers, antogonist, fixator, and synergists.
People Moving Away From San jose.
Define Orgin
End of the muscle that attatches to the stationary bone (non-movable)
Biceps (two heads) have two orgins on the scapula
Define Insertion
End of muscle attatches to the moving bone
Biceps inserts on the radius (crosses elbow joint)
Define Prime Movers
(Agonists) muscle that bears the prime responsibility for effecting a movement
Define Antogonist
Muscle that opposes the action of another muscle
Define Fixator
Muscle that immobilizes one or more bones (scapula)
Difne Synergists
These muscles act as stablilizers to the prime movers. They may also contribute extra force to the prime mover as well
What Muscle is this?
O:Galea Aponeurotica
I: Skin of eyebrows
N: Facial Nerve
A: raises eyebrows
What Muscle is this?
O:Frontal bone
I: tissues of eyelid
N: Facial Nerve
A: closes eyes
Oribularis Oculi
What Muscle is this?
O: Temporal Foss
I: coronoid process of mandible
N: Trigeminal Nerve
A: closes jaw
Muscle of Mastication
What Muscle is this?
O:Indirectly from maxilla and mandible
I: encircles the mouth
N: Facial Nerve
A: Puckers Lips
Orbicularis Oris
Kissing and Whistling
What Muscle is this?
O:Subcutaneous skin over delto-pectoral region
I: Skin widely over the mandible
N: Facial Nerve
A: Depress mandible and lower lip
Tenses the skin over the lower neck
What muscle is this?
Located deep in the neck
anterior, middle, and posterior
What Muscle is this?
O: Manubrium
I: Hyoid Bone
A: Depress hyoid and larynx
What muscle is this?
Consists of two bellies that are connected by an intermediate tendon
What Muscle is this?
O:Manubrium and medial portion of clavicle
I: Mastoid process
N: Spinal accessory
A:Together they flex head forward; separately the rotate head opposite to muscle contracting
What Muscle is this?
O:lateral 1/3 of clavicle, acromion and spine of scapula
I: deltoid turberosity
N: axillary nerve
A: arm abduction
What Muscle is this?
o: ribs 3-5
Pectoralis Minor
thin muscle located underneath pectoralis major
What Muscle is this?
A: Arm Flexion, rotates are medially
Pectoralis Major
What muscle is this?
A: Protract and hold scapula
Serratus Anterior
What Muscle is this?
O: Pubic symphysis
I: Xiphoid process and costal cartilage
N: Intercostal nerves
A: Flex Lumbar spine
Rectus Abdominis
What Muscle is this?
O:Inferiour surface of rib cage
I: central tendon
N: primary muscle of respiration
A:phrenic nerve
you use this to sing...and its not your nose!
What Muscle is this?
O: Long, Medial, and Lateral Head
I: Olecranon process of ulna
N: radial nerve
A: forearm extension
Triceps Brachii
Back of Arm
What Muscle is this?
O: Short and Long Head
I: Radial Tuberosity
N: Musculocutaneous nerve
A: Forearm Flexor
Biceps Brachii
Front of Arm
What muscle is this?
Forearm Flexor, lifts ulna
What muscle is this?
O: medial epicondyle of humerus
I: palmar aponeurosis
N: median nerve
A:weak wrist flexor
Palmaris Longus
Absent in 15% of the population
What Muscle is this?
O: anterior superior iliac spine
I: upper medial surface of body of tibia
N: obturator nerve
A: flexes, abducts and laterally rotates thigh
"Tailors Muscle"
What muscle is this?
It adducts thigh!
What muscle is this?
It is primarily the hip and trunk flexor
What muscle is this?
It is a short flat muscle that adducts the thigh
What muscle is this?
it is the dorsiflexion of the foot
Tibialis Anterior
What muscle is this?
Flexes the big toe
flexor hallucis longus
"push off" while taking a step
What muscle is this?
Extends head and raises scapulas
Shrugg Shoulders