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Rhomboids (sometimes levator scapulae)
Dorsal scapular C5
Serratus anterior
Long thoracic C5-C7
Suprascapular C5-C6
-Subclavius muscle
-Sternoclavicular joint
Subclavian nerve C5-C6
Pec major, sometimes minor
Lateral pectoral C5-C7
-Biceps brachii
Musculocutaneous C5-C7
Anterior forearm flexors
-Except what?
Median nerve C6-T1
-Except flexor carpi ulnaris and ulnar half of flexor digitorum profundus
Intrinsic muscles in thenar side of palm
Median nerve C6-T1
Pecs minor and sternocostal part of pec major
Medial pectoral nerve C8-T1
Skin of medial arm down to medial epicondyle of humerus and ulnar olecranon:
Medial cutaneous nerve to arm, C8-T1
Skin of medial forearm down to wrist:
Medial cutaneous nerve to forearm, C8-T1
-Flexor carpi ulnaris
-Ulnar half of flxor digitorum profundus
-Most intrinsic hand muscles
-Skin of hand medial to axial line of digit 4
Ulnar nerve, C8/T1, often C7
Superior portion of subscapularis
Upper subscapular nerve C5
Inferior subscapularis, teres major
Lower subscapular C6
Latissimus dorsi
Thoracodorsal C7, C6/C8
Pectoralis major
Lateral/medial pectoral nerves
-Clavicular head c5-c6
-Sternocostal head c7 c8 t1
Pectoralis minor
Medial pectoral nerve c8 t1
nerve to subclavius c5 c6
Serratus anterior
Long thoracic nerve c5-c7
Accessory nerve CN 11 motor
C3/C4 spinal nerves pain/proprio
Latissimus dorsi
Thoracodorsal nerve C7-C8
Levator scapulae
Dorsal scapular C5
c3/c4 Cervical nerves
Dorsal scapular C4/C5
Axillary nerve C5/C6
Suprascapular nerve C4-C6
Suprascapular nerve C5-c6
Teres minor
Axillary nerve C5/C6
Teres major
Lower subscapular nerve C5/C6
Upper and lower subscapular nn.
Biceps brachii
Musculocutaneous C5-C6
Musculocutaneous nerve C5-C6
Musculocutaneous nerve C5-C6, C7
Triceps brachii
Radial nerve c6-c8
Radial nerve C7-T1
Pronator teres
Median nerve C6-C7
Flexor carpi radialis FCR
Median nerve C6-C7
Palmaris longus
Median nerve C7-C8
Flexor carpi ulnaris
Ulnar nerve C7-C8
Flexor digitorum superficialis
Median nerve C7-T1
Flexor digitorum profundus
-Medial part = Ulnar n. C8-T1
-Laterl part = Anterior interosseous nerve from the median n. C8-T1
Flexor pollicis longus
Anterior interosseous nerve from Median nerve C8-T1
Radial nerve C5-C7
Extensor carpi radialis longus
Radial nerve C6-C7
Extensor carpi radialis brevis
Deep branch of radial nerve