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what muscles make up the rotator cuff of the shoulder
teres minor
what three muscle groups make up the erector spinae muscles
what are the names of the three iliocostalis erector spinae muscles?
iliocostalis lumborum
iliocostalis thoracis
iliocostalis cervicis
what do the iliocostalis lumborum,
iliocostalis thoracis, and
iliocostalis cervicis do, respectively?
extend lumbar, thoracic, and cervical regions of vertebral column, respectively.
what are the names of the three longissimus erector spinae muscles?
longissimus thoracis,
longissimus cervicis and
longissimus capitis
what do the longissimus thoracis, longissimus cevicis, and longissimus capitus erector spinae muscles do?
(respectively): extend thoracic region, extends/laterally flexes cervical region, and extends head or acting separately, turns face toward that side.
what does the spinalis thoracis erector spinae muscle do?
extends vertebral column.
where are the suboccipital muscles
immediately inferior to base of skull
what do the suboccipital muscles connect?
atlas and axis to each other and the skull
what is the action of the suboccipital muscles
flex or extend the skull via rocking motion of occipital condyles on atlas (i.e. nodding), and rotate the skull and atlas upon the axis - turns face towards same side as muscle contracting.
what nerves ennervate the suboccipital muscles?
dorsi rami of first cervical nerves
what is the function of the anterior vertebral muscles?
maintain balance of head and cervical spine. also flex head and neck.
what muscles are part of the lateral vertebral muscles?
scalene and sternocleidomastoids.
what are the three scalene muscles?
scalenus anterior, scalenus medius, scalenus posterior.
what do the scalenus muscles do?
when head fixed position, scalenes elevate 1&2 ribs. when thorax fixed & head free, scalenes flexed one side bend cervical vertebral column to one side. both sets flexed flexes vertebral column