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what are the main vasodilators in muscle?
Adenosine, K+, Lactic Acid, CO2
what effect does NE have in muscle? which receptors does it bind to? alpha receptors
what is the effect of epinephrine in muscle? which receptors does it bind to?
vasodilator....beta receptors
where are B receptors most prominent?
...what do they cause?
muscle and liver....vasodilation
where are alpha receptors most prominent? what do they cause?
kidney and gut....vasoconstriction
what is vasoconstricted during exercise?
gut and kidney
where is bloodflow barely affected by working muscle?
brain and coronary circulation
what wins in a working muscle??? sympathetics or vasodilation?
what happens to parasympathetics during exercise?
what happens to the veins during exercise? *********
GLOBAL VENOCONSTRICTION (alpha receptors) to increase the Psf and VENOUS RETURN!!!!!!!
what causes the increased slope (decreased resistance) in the venous return?
enormous mass of muscles that are vasodilating....(decreased resistance in ARTERIAL part of the circulation!!!!)
what is the effect of compression of the abdominal muscles?
Increased Psf
describe the change in RA pressure during exercise
what causes increase in Psf?
sympathetics and compression of abdominal muscles
what causes the big increase in CO?
sympathetics (increased contraction and HR)
why is the sympathetic response very important in the vessels?
without it, the major vasodilation would cause a huge fall in BP
what happens to TPR during exercise? why?
decreases....BP/CO....CO increases much bigger so makes denominator bigger