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Origin Sternum/Clavicle
Insertion Temporal
Action Rotation
Origin Occipital
Insertion eye
Action Raise eyebrow
Origin Spine
Insertion Occipital
Action Raise/ Wrinkle brow
Origin Scapula
Insertion Radius
Action Flex/ Supinate
Biceps brachii
Origin Scapula/Humerus
Insertion Ulna
Action Extend/Adduct shoulder, Extend elbow
Triceps brachii
Origin Scapula
Insertion Humerus
Action Adduct/ Rotate medial arm
Teres major
Origin Ribs
Insertion Scapula
Action Abduct, Depress, Hold scapula
Serratus anterior
Origin Sacrum
Insertion Femur top
Action Extend, Rotate lateral, Abduct hip
Gluteus maximus
Origin Pubic crest/Sternum
Insertion Ribs lower
Action Flex vertebrae
Rectus abdominis
Origin Pelvis lower
Insertion Tibia
Action Flex/ Rotate medial knee
Origin Pelvis lower
Insertion Femur
Action Flex/ Rotate hip
Adductor magnus
Origin ischium
Insertion Fibula
Action Flex/ Rotate lateral knee, Tilt, Rotate, Extend hip
Biceps femoris
Origin ilium
Inserion Tibia
Action Flex thigh/ Rotate medial hip
Tensor fasciae latae
Origin Zygomatic arch
Insertion Mandible
Action Raise jaw
Origin Maxilla/ Mandible
Insertion mouth skin
Action Closes/ Puckers lips
Orbicularis oris
Frontal/ Lacrimal eyes Closes eyes tight
Orbicularis oculi
Spine Scapula/Clavicle Moves scapula
Scapula/ Clavicle Humerus Abduct/ Circumduct shoulder
Spine Humerus Extend, Adduct, Rotate medial shoulder
Latissimus dorsi