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Vastus intermedius
underneath femoris
O:lateral femur I: tibial tuberosity A: extend leg
Pectoralis major
chest muscle
O:Clavicle and body of sternum I:greater tubercle of the humerus A: flex arm
Thin myofillimants
made of actin protein and are seen as light bands
shoulder pad
O:clavicle I:deltoid tuberosity of the humerus A:abduct humerus
Extensor digitorum
back of forearm
O:lateral epicondyle of humerus I:distal phalanges 2-5 A:extend fingers
Latissimus dorsi
superficial big back
O:spinus process of T 7-12 and all L 1-5 I:Lesser tubercle of humerus A:adduct arm
extensor carpi radialis
O:lateral epicondyle of humerus I:base of metacarpals 2-3 A:abducts hand
under biceps on arm
O:Humerus I:coranoid process of ulna A:flex forearm
the cytoplasm of muscle cells
Internal intercostals
O:Superior border of a rib I:inferior border of the previous rib A:depress the ribs
Tibialis anterior
front of leg
O:lateral condyle of tibia I: metatarsal 1 A:Dorsiflex foot (toes up)
Orbicularis oculi
around th eye
O:Medial margin of orbit I:eyelids A:close eyes
Vastus lateralis
lateral side of thigh
O:linear aspen of femur I:tibial tuberosity A: extend leg
Pectoralis minor
anterior chest under p.major
O:anterior surface of ribs 3-5 I:coracoid process of scapula A:depress shoulder
External oblique
stomach hands in pockets
O:ribs 5-12 I:lina alba A:compression of abdomen
Triceps brachi
posterior surface of arm
O:Humerus I:Olecramon process of ulna A:extend forearm
big on back of leg
O:medial condyle of femur I: calcaneous A: plantar flex foot
deep on face
O: Alveolar process of maxilla I: orbicocmisors A: compress the cheek
Thick myofiliments
composed of myosin protein and are seen as dark bands
triangle on the back
O:spinus process of thoracic vertebrae I:spine of scapula A:elevate shoulder
Rectus femoris
straight up and down leg
O:anterior inferior illiac spine I:tibial tuberosity A: exrend leg
External intercostals
orientated as if hands going into pockets
O:Inferior border of a rib I: superior border of the next rib A: elevates the ribs
Gluteus maximus
O:sacrum I:gluteral tuberosity of femur A: extend thigh
in cheek
O:Zygomatic arch I:Lateral surface of mandible A:elevate mandible
flexor carpi ulnaris
O:medial epicondyle of humerus I:base of metacarpal 5 A:adduct hand
anterior of neck
O:Manubrium I:Mastoid process of temperal bone A:flex neck
Internal oblique
opposite direction of external oblique
O:illiac crest I:Lina alba A: compression of abdomen
back of forearm
O:lateral epicondyle of humerus I:styloid process of radius A: flex forearm
Rectus abdominis
6 pack
O:Pubic symphosis I:zyphoid process A:flex vertebral column
Biceps brachi
O:coracoid process of scapula I:radial tuberosity A:flex and supinate arm
individual contactual unit measured from Z-line to Z-line
Orbicularis oris
circles around the mouth
O: Maxilla I: Lips A: Purse lips
inside of thigh
O:ischium I:medial condyle of tibia A: adduct thigh
Gluteus medius
O:illium I:greater trochanter of femur A:medial rotate thigh
Transverse abdominis
back and forth direction
O:cartilage of ribs 7-12 I:pubis A:compress abdomen
most medial
O:ischial tuberosity I: medial condyle of tibia A: extend thigh
Intercalated DIsc
gap junction of tubes connecting sacrolemma of cardiac muscles
Ilipsoas group
inside of thigh
O:lumbar vertebrae I:lesser trochanter A; flex thigh
the cell membrane of muscle cells (fibers)
Biceps femoris
most lateral
O:ischial tuberosity I:lateral condyle of tibia A:flex leg
extensor carpi ulnaris
O:lateral epicondyle of humerus I:base of metacarpal 5 A: adduct hand
Flexor digitorum superficialis
front of forearm
O:medial epicondyle of humerus I:middle phalanges A: flex fingers
most superficial strap
O:anterior superior illiac creast I: medial aspect of proximal tibia A:lateral rotate leg
Axon terminal
is where the telodendria branches out into the different myoneural junction
Vastus medialis
medial side of the thigh
O:linear aspen of femur I:tibial tuberosirty A; extend leg
Flexor carpi radialis
O:medial epicondyle humerus I:base of metacarpals 2-3 A:abduct hand
long tendion superficial
O:ischial tuberosity I:tibia A:extend thigh