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Who founded the Mannheim school of composition?
Johann Stamitz.
Members of the Mannheim school included who?
Johann Stamitz, Franz Xaver Richter, Carl Stamitz, Christian Cannabich, Joseph Haydn, Leopold Hofmann, Mozart
What is Scordatura and who used it in the baroque era?
Retuning the strings for a brilliant sound or double stops. Founded by Biagio Marini.
Besides composing operas, in which genre did alessandro scarlatti excel
Who was the 1st master of opera? Name his first and last operas and how do they differ.
Claudio Monterverdi. "L, Orfero" -first
Pompeo - last. They differ in that Pompeo is a full blown venition opera and Orfeo is a small chaber orchestra. They both use recetitive, song, madrigals, duets, and laments.
A poem or song of mourning.
What kind of laments might one encounter in the Baroque?
Operas, Harpsichord, Keyboards, and lute
Heinrich shutz was influenced by who in composing his 3 books of sacred symphonies?
Giocanni Gabrieli.
Basso Continuo
"Continuous Bass". System of notation and performance practice used in the baroque period in which an instrumental bass line is written out and oneor more players of keyboard, lute, or similar instruments that fill in the harmon with appropriate chords or improvised melodic lines
Figured Bass
A form of basso continuo in which the bass line is supplied with numbers, flats, or sharps on a keyboard.
Realization (in reguards to basso continuo)
The practice of filling in the chords on the keyboard
What is the low dance called?
Bassa Dance
What is a round dance called?
Name several factors which destroyed the plot in baroque operas.
Substitution arias, etc...
Name the 4 types of French operas, airs in Lullian and Ramistean opera.
Maxim Air, Dance Air, Dialogue Air, Monologue Air.