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considered the father of humanism. wrote to defend the personal immortality of teh soul against the aristotelians. more secular than Dante. forms cornerstoens of Italian literature. Boccaccio's techer
civic huanism
term coined to describe the apparent coalescence of humanism and civic reform
Francis I
french king battled Charles V in Italy for their mutual dynastic claims to Burgundy and parts of Italy
Cosimo de' Medici
Florentine banker and statesman who returned Florence to stability. controlled city behind scenes. was able to keep councilors loyal to him
Lorenzo de' Medici The Magnificent
grandsom of Cosimo. ruled Florence almost totalitarianly. cautious and determined ruler.
military brokers used to obtained mercenaries
meaning is debated. some say champions of christianity opsoing pagan teachings. or one who stresses dignity of mankind, individualism, and secular values. advocated the stuida humanitatis. firt ones were orators and poets. not as bound to recent tradition. most sources were classical. refused to be slaves of later tradition made them innovative
Dante Alighieri
forms the conerstoens of Italian vernacular literature.
Pico della Mirandola
supervisor of the Florentine Platonic Academy. strongly influenced by plato. drew on the ability of man
lorenzo valla
hero to later protestant reformers. defended predestination. passionate christian
Niccolo Machiavelli
in light of many snobbish humanists ownly concerned with knowledge but not civic life, wrote in Italian and made contemporary history their primary source and subject matter
famous painter who potrayed world literally and naturally
Leonardo da Vinci
great painter, inventor and advised many people such as Francis I. intrigued by facial expressions
a very kind and sensitive painter
genius who crafted with harmony. worked during Julius II and designated to craft his tomb. later on used mannerism
a reaction to the simplicity and symmetry that made room for the strange and the abnormal giving freedom to the artist. popular by el greco
el greco
supreme representative of mannerisms