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4 Tools of Ethnomusicology?
1) belief system
2) social status
3) material culture
4) repertoire / content
Why was status low?
Traveled a lot and had a bad reputation.
Describue Russian laws under Nicolas I
Dictated when, where, and how many musicians could play at functions. A lot of European anti-Semitism.
What is a Pale of settlement
Where Jewish people settled
Jewish musicians were influenced by their surrounding culture. This made them ______?
Why did Jewish people leave Europe?
Mass immigration to Ellis Island NY because of anti Semitism in Europe. Immigrated to the "promised land."
Who invented the first recording equipment? What was it called?
Thomas Edison, cylinder recording.
Who invented the flat disk, and had the idea of making a mass market for recordings?
Emile Berliner
2 biggest recording labels? Describe both.
Victor Label - superior, classical artists, high-end markets.

Columbia Label - recorded ethnic music and attracted the ethnic market. Aimed at new immigrants.
Describe three feelings of immigrants
loss - loss of identity and culture
survival - how am I going to survive?
acculturation - how do I blend into new society?
What company understood immigrants feelings and gave them a sense of the old country?
Columbia label
Who made 175 recordings and made concert tours of cantoral singing?
Gershom Sirota (1873 - 1943)