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Second Front
Stalin's proposal to fight Germany in France, relieving pressure of German attack on USSR
the purges
Stalin arrests his enemies in the party, in the armed forces, in secret police. 1936-39. A wave of terror
US policy to prevent spread of Communism to other countries
Yalta Conference
1. created United Nations
2. divided Germany + Austria into zones of occupation
3. free elections Eastern Europe
4. USSR joins against Japan
5. borders of Poland
coalition government
government representatives from several parties. Coalitions in Eastern European countries included Communists - giving them a foothold
Truman doctrine
USA would aid any country under attack by armed minorities. (aim: to prevent Communism spreading to other countries)
Marshall Plan
plan to give financial support to Europe
the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, 1949
military alliance between USA, Canada, most of Western Europe
to defend West during Cold War
Czechoslovakian Crisis 1948
Before elections (where communists expected to do badly), communists in government purge non-communists in government and take over country with little bloodshed
Berlin Blockade 1948-1949
USA, Britain + France set up a separate West German state with a separate currency. Stalin responds by blockading Berlin. West responds by airlifting food + fuel into Berlin
McCarthyism / The Red Scare
movement led by Senator Joseph McCarthy to remove communist sympathisers from all section of American life - including some members of Truman's government.