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How many shoulder straps are there on 7 backpacks?
14 shoulder straps
Anne makes 2 batches of cookies with six cookies in each batch. How many cookies does she make?
12 cookies
Sara and Sam each have five fish. How many fish do they have altogether?
10 fish
Mr. Thomas has 2 flower beds. Each flower bed has 9 tulips in it. How many tulips are there in all?
18 tulips
How much are 2 nickels worth?
10 cents
How many wheels are there on 4 cars?
8 wheels
Stephanie invited 9 people to her party. She wanted to give each person two cookies. How many cookies does she need?
18 cookies
Joseph saw 2 bookshelves at the library. Each bookshelf had 10 books on it. How many books were on those 2 bookshelves?
20 books
Sam uses 2 pieces of cheese for each sandwich. If he makes 6 sandwiches, how many pieces of cheese will he need?
12 pieces of cheese
Russell worked 3 hours for his mom raking leaves. He gets paid 2 dollars for every hour he works. How much money did Russell earn?
6 dollars
There were 2 rows of desks in Mr. Finn's room. Each row had 10 desks. How many desks were in Mr. Finn's room?
20 desks