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2 disciplines from which psychology emerged
philosophy and physiology
systematic observation is to physiology as pure reasoning is to
the main contribution of physiology to the eventual emergence of psychology as a discipline was its:
emphasis on the scientific method as the primary means of collecting info about behavior
which early approach to psychology concentrated on breaking down conscious experience?
what was the term used by william james to describe a continuous flow of thought?
stream of consciousness
who proposed that the study of consciousness be replaced with the study of behavior?
"organisms tend to repeat responses htat have favorable outcomes" would likely be said by who?
if you were having problems with depresion, which type of pschologist would be most helpful for you?
"why do we like some people more than others?" is a question that what type of psychologit would most likely ask?
nature is to nurture as heredity is to:
with regard to subjectivity, the scientific method is designed to:
counteract it
the SQ3R method is effective because:
it breaks a reading assingment down into manageable segments and requires understanding before moving on
measurable conditions, events, characteristics, or behaviors controlled or observed in a study are called:
researchers use statistics to:
analyze the emperical data collected in a study
the prupose of the control group is to:
isolate the effect of the independent variable on the dependent variable
what technique would allow a researcher to draw a cause-and-effect conclusion?
an experiment
what are the advantages of descriptive/correlational research?
it can often be used in circumstances in which an experiment would be unethical

it permits researchers to examin subjects' behavior in natural circumstances

it can demonstrate that 2 variables are related
what measure the variability of a data set?
standard deviation
the correlation coefficient is a measure of:
the degree of relationship btwn 2 variables
combines the statistical resulta of many studies of the same question
is that group of people to whome the conclusion of the study will apply
a sample is representative if:
its composition is similar to that of the population
the abstract of a journal article provides:
a concise summary of the sntire article
the basic communication links of the nervous system are the:
which neurons carry messages from the brain to the muscles of the body?