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inductive sites of the GALT are
peyer's patches and isolated lymphoid follicles (ILF's)
effector sites are found where in GALT
under lamina propria/ epithelial cells
follicle associated epi in GALT covers what? Describe it.
cover's ILF's and Peyer's patches. Its flat with no glycocalyx. Their is a subepithelial dome that contains lots of dendritic cells. M cells are specialized epithelial cells, and they function by grabbing antigens in the gut and bringing them through to be presented to lymph tissue.
What often crosses gut epi to the lumen to serve as a first line of defense against pathogens and as a maintenance mechanism of gut-flora homeostasis?
What cells in the sub epithelial dome maybe one of the mechanisms that prevent an all out immune response? (hint it is an antigen presenter...)
immature/myeloid dendritic cell's that are CD11b+ and CD8a-.
For IgA transport to the lumen, IgA in this form must bind transporters on the basolateral membrane.
dimeric IgA which is then cleaved before entering lumen
what are the two effector sites in the MALT?
one in lamina propria and one in intraepithelial site (note intraepi site only contains T cells)
In MALT CD4 TH1 cells secrete what cytokines?
In MALT CD4 TH2 cells secrete what cytokines?
IL4, IL5, IL6, IL13
In MALT CD4 Treg cells secrete what cytokines?
TGF-B and IL-10
B cells in MALT secrete what?
IgG1 and IgA