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15-75%, steady burning pain or paroxysmal lancinating pain.
Typically in pts >50, 50% occurence in pts >65
-3% lasts more than one year
Post-herpetic neuralgia
Tx of post-herpetic neuraglia
amitryptiline, topical capsaicin
droplets- 1-3 weeks after strep A infection- or if not documented infection, check for one, sudden erruption of small papules with silver scaling
guttate psoriasis
Tx of acute urticaria
-usually start w/ bendaryl or tagament, if not working- oral steroids or IV steroids if any angioedema
Porphyria, PKU, Dx- distribution in light-exposed areas
Drugs that cause phtodermatitis
TCN, sulfas, chlorothiazides, phenothiazides, NSAIDS
erythorogenic toxin-sandpaper rash neck, abdomen, circumoral pallor, strawberry tongue- skin deaquamates in 4-5 days
-Kawasaki's-unknown etiology- trunk induration, edema and magenta spots on hands and feet-lymphadenopathy
Scarlet fever-type rashes
Trnk, induration, edema and magenta spots on hands and feet- lymphadenopathy, s. aureus, fever, strawberry tongue, vomiting, prostration, hyypotension
Another name for Kaswasaki's
Mucocutaneous lymph node syndrome
Name some systemic causes of pruritis
#1 uremia, then obstructive biliary disease, leukemia, lymphome, lalignancies, fe deficiency anemia
Tx of pruritis
Painful nodules on anterior shins-no ulceration; female>male, infection, drugs, pregnancy, bcp, IBD (TB, fungus, strep RF, sarcoid)
Erythema nodosum
Tx of erythema nodosum
NSAID's, ASA corticosteroids
Due to corynebacterium, velvety red patches; floresces coral pink with Wood's lamp
Tx of Erythrasma
Exfoliative dermatitis, total body erythema, edema, scaling and fissuring; idiopathic vs. drug reaction vs. systemic disease; can cause decreases in total blood volume, hyopthermia
Tx of Erythroderma
oral steroids
2-3% of drug therapy-widespread symmetrical generalized escematous rash from PCN/AMP/Amox and TMP/SMZ- typically 10 days into therapy
Dermatitis medicamentosa
Sulfa, antiseizure meds cause this
Injury of skin causes lesions of same type-lichen planus, psoriasis
Koebner phenomenon
Psoriasis-punctate bleeding when scale removed
Auspitz sign
Atopic dermatitis-fold of skin below eyelids, and in fossae
Dennie's Lines
Dermatobribroma vs. malignant nodular melanoma
Dimple sign
Pemphigus- toxic epidermal necrolysis-twisting of skin with sloughing
Nikolsky's sign
Linchen planus- white, reticulated lines on plaue tops (vagina or inside of cheeks) causes lots of discharge in vagina
Wickham's stria
Urticularial flare after vigorous rubbing
Darier's sign
Idiopathic, pruritic- flat topped, plaue qith purplish hue, may be scaley, Wickham's striae, on ankles, writs, mucous membranes
Lichen planus
tx of Lichen planus
Misnomer-not infectious- a capillary hemangioma- bright rasberry nodule bleeds easily when traumatized- enlarge rapidly, no malignant potential- excise, curretage, cauterize
Pyogenic granuloma
dishydrotic eczema
Live on the keratin of the statum cornia, nail and hair (tinea corporis, tinea cruris, tinea captitis)- cause annular inflamed patches with elevates scaling and central clearing- (ringworm)
KOH?? (not sure if this is the treatment or how you diagnosis it)
Intertrig areas, mucous membranes- red with satellite lesions, thrush
superficial skin fungus- red/brown/white patches, scaley, neck, trunk, upper arms; hypopigmented areas when sun exposed.
tinea versicolor
Tinea versicolor treatment
Selsun shampoo (selenium sulfide)
what are the 3 main types of oral fungal treatments?
2.Terbinafine (lamisil)
3.Azoles- (keto, fluconazole)
Tx of dermatophytes (not candida or tinea versicolor) but good in onychomycosis, tinea corporis which is extensive
SE of Griseofulvin
possible liver toxicity, decreases activity of warfarin, OC's phototixcity
Tx of dermatophytes = maybe candida
terbinafine (lamisil)
Tx of tinea versicolor and candida
Azoles (keto, flu)
Palpable purpuras
-necrotizing angititis
-(immune complexes)
Non-palpable purpuras
-clotting abnormalities
antibiotics for acne
CleocinT, ATS, Benaclin (apply dialy or BID
Antibiotics for impetigo
mupirocin (Bactroban) ointment 2.5% BID
Retionids for acne
-isotretinoin (accutane)
-tretinoin (retin-A)
Antiparasitics for lice- body, and head
Kwell- OTC- avoid overuse, avoid in small children and pregnancy
Tx of scabiesq
Elimite (permethrin)- antiparasitic- preferred in chilren and pregnancy
Steroids PLUS add:
-elidel BID
-Protopic BID
Steroid use for peds
only classes IV-VI
Steroids for faces and flexors
-absorb more (higher potency) or thicker keritnized skin
Antihistamines for pruritis
Benadryl (diphenhydramine) 25-50mgm. q 4 hr

Atarax (hydroxyzine)1-, 25, 50gmg. q 6 hrs
Systemic steroids for large areas, severe disease
Prednisone, medrol dose-pak
Tina capitus tx
Griseofulvin 6-8 weeks
Tx of tinea versicolor (after failure with selenium sulfide)
ketoconazole (nizoral)
Tx post-herpetic neuralgia
Tx hot tub folliculitis
-antibiotics- cipro
spares the face- usually over butt and thighs, sometimes over chest and back
hot tub folliculitis
Bug for hot tub folliculitis