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Bye Bye birdie
1960 Struass and Adams.rock & roll musical. Take on Elvis
Fiddler on the Roof
1965 Jerry bach. Harnett. Robbins Choreography- also did West Side Story Sunrise sunset matchmaker if I was a rich man
Cy Colman
Coleman Fields Choreography by Bob Fosse- Sweet Charity. Big spender
Steven Sondheim-
his mentor is Hammerstein. . His method of writing, in chronological order, to avoid repetition of songs. Believes that a songwriter is a playwright. Words come first and support the text. Aim for surprises. Sweeney Todd.
Into the woods, four fairy tales.70s
writes for commercial interest. Tim Rice, Jesus Christ Superstar, 70s. Rock opera, musical tells the story of the last seven days of Christ. 73, Technicolor Dream coat. Postige- style of writing that parodies other ethnic songs, calypso. 86- Phantom of the opera, Charles Hart. Music of the night
George Ballanchine
on your toes, Slaughter on tenth avenue. Roger and Hart
Agnes Deseville
dream ballet of Oklahoma, Carousel, Brigadoone
Jerome Robbins
West Side Story, the King and I, Fiddler on the roof.
Bob Fosse
Sweet Charity, Chicago, Cabaret.
Micheal Bennett
Special because Chorus Line is actual a real sotry- the stories from the dancers. The story comes from the interviews.
Little Night Music (1973)
book by hugh Wheeler based on Bergman's film "Smiles of a Summer Night"
Song: "Send in the clowns"
Into the Woods (1987)
book- James lapine

combines childrens fairy tales but explores all the human psyche
Sweeney Todd
book-the demon barber of Fleet Street by High Wheeler
Directeor - Harold Prince
This was his biggest musical, he was attempting to write a playthat's of the operatic song quality but with good action.
Song- ballad of Sweeney Todd
Andrew Lloyd Webber
went for commercial music- his songs re popular before being put in a show
Jesus Christ Superstar
Tim Rice, lyricist
Tom O'Horgan, the book based on the new testament.
rock opera
aong- Heaven on their minds
Joseph and the Amazing technicolor dreamcoat
Tim Rice, Lyricist based on the bible
pastiche- a style of writing parodies over other song forms
songs: song of the King, Those Canaan Deep(French Chanson)
Benjamin Calypso (calypso)
Phanton of the Opera(1986)
book by Webber and Richard Stilgoe
lyrics by Charles Hart
Song Music of the Night
Little opera
The Book
The script. Which includes plot, characters, stage directions, dialogue, situation. Unified force behind the musical
song that reveals inner thoughts/innermonologue
Tin Pan Alley
populat music nusiness. 1st part of 20th century it was W28th st.
parody of song forms
Gilbert and Sullivan
they were successful in America bc they wrote in English. They wrote Pirates of Penzeance.
Jerome Kern
wrote showboat= lyrics by Hammerstein. He contributed by influencing young composers. Fused the music with the drama. Old Man River
George Gershwin
unique becuse he incorporated blues and jazz.
Wrote Porgy and Bess
special bc it was an all black cast.
"summertime" folk opera.
Rodgers and Hart
they introduced rhythmic dialogue

"on your toes" "babes in arms"
Rodgers and Hammerstein
"the Kind and I", "carousel"-ideal redemption
South Paacific - racial prejudice
Oklahoma- costumes are simple, opens with a woman churning the butter, no glitz. Dream ballet Choreographed by Agnes
Irving Berlin
2 songs "GOd Bless America and White Christmas"
musical- Annie get your gun
Cole Porter
writes own lyrics, skipped Tin Pan Alley.
Anything Goes
Kiss me Kate, taming the shrew Ihate men
Brush up your Shakespeare- multiple Rhyme
Lerner and Loewe
3 musicals in the isles.
Brigadone (Agnes Demille choreographed)"almost like being in love"
My Fair Lady- show me
Romantic Tradition
Leonard Bernstein
West Side STory
On the Town (New York New York)
Anything Goes
The book: Wode house and Bolton
a tap dancing show-idea for a new show based on a shipwreck but a real one did happen so Linsay and Crouse revised it
Kiss me Kate
the book: Samuel and Bella Spewack
Play within a Play (taming of the shrew Shakespeare)
I hate Man
Brush up your Shakespeare
Annie Get your Gun
The book: HErbert and Dorothy Fields
Rodgers and Hammerstein
Theres no business like show business
anything you can do I can do
Annie falls in love with another shooter she is an illiterate hillbilly
My fair lady
class distinction songs reflect personality of chracter
Wonderful Town
book- Joseph Fields Jerome Chodorov based on my sister eileen
West Side Story
book- Larents, lyrics Sondheim based on romeo juliet
one hand one heart