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What is the purpose of the 1500.2 instruction?
coordinate contractor developed training for military and civilian personnel
What is the scope of the 1500.2 instruction?
Covers contractor development training from the planning phase through the contractor conducted initial training and navy pilot course phases
Contractor Development Training
According to OPNAVINST 1500.2 initial training usually consists of what parts/phases?
-training of initial users
-instruction on equipment that have no schools or courses in the military
According to OPNAVINST 1500.2 when will preliminary evaluation take place?
During the in-process reviews
According to OPNAVINST 1500.2 final acceptance shall occur when?
pilot course critique
From the Training Activity viewpoint, what is the most important duty that CNET has in dealing with contractor-developed training/materials?
Ensure that instructor level personnel are involved and have input at every phase
State the purpose of the Catalog of Navy Training Courses (CANTRAC)
to provide timely, accurate, activity and course info
Catalog of Navy Training Courses
Describe contents of the introduction of the CANTRAC.
guidelines for using CANTRAC/definitions and terms
Who is responsible for the timeliness and accuracy of data provided to CANTRAC and how often is CANTRAC updated?
-commanding officers
What type of courses are considered high risk?
courses in which students, instructors, or bystanders may be exposed to life threatening injury.
What section of the CNET 1500.20 series instruction lists courses that have been designated as high risk?
enclosure 1
What is a DOR and the procedures for conducting one?
-Where a student states a drop on request from high/moderate risk training due to concerns of personal well being
-student shall submit written request
What is a TTO and the procedures for conducting one?
-concern for safety or reclarification of procedures.
-Conduct a TTO by examining the cause of the TTO. Once problem resolved continue training
Training time out
What is a Pre-mishap plan PMP used for, and how often must it be reviewed for accuracy of information? fully exercised?
-activated for an injury, mishap, or emergency
-reviewed monthly
-exercised annually
How often are safety stand-downs required?
at least annually
State the purpose of NITRAS II
Manage and support the training effort of the Navy
State the name and discuss the contents of each of the files which comprise of NITRAS II
-master course reference
-training summary
-pipeline management
-student master
master course reference file
course descriptive data elements such as schedules & training plans for the fiscal year
student master file
training history on individual students
training summary file
statistical data on each student in non-NEC-11 days or less courses
pipeline management
list of selected pipeline courses in the Navy and attending students
What kind of information can an instructor/command input to NITRAS II
CDP, CIN, course title, course length, NEC, convene date, graduate date, staff UIC, student UIC, military articles and services list number
Discuss the difference between calendar days and instructional days in regard to course length.
calendar days include weekends. inst days are work days only
State five data elements contained in both NITRAS and CANTRAC.
State the meaning of CDP
Course data processing code assigned to each course by location
What is the purpose of the (MS)
justifications for instructor manpower requirements
What is the purpose of the(MSS)
summarizes data contained in the MS and provides a title/cover sheet
Master Schedule
Master Schedule Summary
What are the CCMM's responsibilities in regards to schedule standardization?
approve + forward MS and MSS to CCA
How many standard technical training hours shall the Master Schedule reflect for the workweek
What non-technical training (occurring outside the 40 periods) should be included in the Master Schedule
if technical training instructors are required to provide the training
What is the standard classroom student-to-student instructor ratio
What is a bottleneck ratio
when a situation occurs when only a portion of the class can advance through a unit of curriculum together
What does the Master Schedule Summary (MSS) list in section B summary
-bottleneck periods
-certified current
-S:I ratios
-justification footnote
CNETINST 1550.10
training programs and materials production, approval, implementation and cancellation instruction
What is the purpose of 1550.10 and to which commands does this apply
-provide policy and responsibilities within the NAVEDTRACOM for the production, approval, implementation, and cancellation of training programs and materials
-all training under or developed for CNET
What is required in the justification section of a project plan
-reason and benefit of proposal, revision, or cancellation
-Navy training plan ID
-specific references
State when a training project plan is required
-curriculum development
-course implementation
-course cancellation
State when course curricula material will be archived
after approved cancellation
Where is archived material maintained
How long shall archived material be maintained in the repository
until all systems covered by curriculum no longer exist in US Navy inventory or foreign inventory if trained by US Navy
Commands seeking approval for training programs not abiding by this instruction (1550.10) shall submit a request for resolution/ approval to whom?
PQS is a compilation of what things
minimum knowledge and skill sets an individual must demonstrate before performing specific duties
One of NETPDTC's functions in PQS is to publish an annual list of what type of info
PQS learning centers and POC's
PQS is designed to do what function
ensure personnel demonstrate required competencies prior to performing specific duties
In formal training courses where PQS lines may be signed, what procedure is followed to inform a receiving command which line items have been completed and signed
page 13 entry documenting completed line items
The method used to determine instructor billets is based on
CNET 5311/1
enclosure(3) of 5310.4
What is the standard instructor weekly teaching load
30 contact periods per week of instruction including lecture and lab/shop contact time
What is the average number of instructor monthly teaching/contact periods
30 weekly
What are the benefits of instructor cross-utilization
-avoid monotony, provide back up, enhance experience, reduce requirements for short courses
What is the general rule for handling classified student notes
They shall be collected from students prior to graduation and not forwarded to receiving commands
What is to be done with school notes that are not reusable
they will be destroyed
Are there any exceptions to the no forwarding policy
Yes, on a case by case basis notes may be forwarded to the command not the individual
Describe the contents of Volume I of the CANTRAC
training activity data
Describe the contents of Volume II of the CANTRAC
Course descriptions
Pre-mishap plan
Naval Education and Training Professional Development and Technology Center
Standard Training Activity Support System (STASS)
Corporate enterprise Training Activity Resource Systems (CeTARS) is the technological upgrade of STASS and NITRAS in accordance with the CNO initiative