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105-1.1 What is the purpose and scope of the instruction
Provide procedures, policy and responsibilities for coordination of contractor-developed training for military and civilian personnel
105-1.2 The term "contractor-developed training" is defined as training for uses with in the Navy from what three sources
1. Contractors
2. Equipment Vendors
3. Manufacturers
105-1.3 Inital training usually consists of what part/phases
1. Training an initial cadre of maintenance, operator, instructors, or supervisory personnel
2. Training on equipment for which no school/courses in USN exist
3. Pilot course given by military instructors using materials developed by contractors
105-1.4 When will preliminary evaluation take place
During the in process reviews are required by the contract
105-1.5 Final acceptance shall occur when
Only after deficiencies from the pilot course critique are corrected and reviewed by teh TA, TSA and Principle Contracting Officer (PCO)
105-1.6 From the Training Activity viewpoint, what is the most important duty that CNET has in dealing with contractor-developed training/materials
To ensure that instructor-level personnel are involved and have input at every appropriate phase of the acquisition process for training programs