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Explain the process of identifying training requirements
Determined by the fleets need for people with a particular skill
Purpose of the Navy Training System
Ensure a systematic approach for determining what to train, and how best to accomplish that training
What is the most essential single link in the training chain?
The instructor
State the trhee qualities of an efficient and effective instructor
What is the instructor's responsibility to the students?
Teach effectively, set the example, help resolve conflicts that hinder training
What is the instructors responsiblity to safety training?
Supervisory proceedures will ensure safe training while providing the realism needed. Must demonstrate proper safety proceedures, as well as teaching them
What is the instructors responsibility for security?
Never discuss classified material not in approved curriculum.
What is the instructors responsibility for curriculum development?
Cirriculum development
What are the key principles to applying motivational theory in a training situation?
Needs and drives, Interest Values, Attitude, Incentives, Achievement
How do needs and drives apply to motivational theory?
When the student had a need, they lack something. That need can cause the student to behave in a manner that reduces the need, and results in satisfaction.
How does interest apply to Motivational theory?
An instructor that captures the students interest draws on the student's internal motivation
How do values apply to motivational theory?
Students have more interest in a subject that deals with goals they see as important to their lives
How does Attitude apply to motivational theory?
Showing a positive attitude about the subject increases the students desire to learn
How do incentives apply to motivational theory?
Incentives or rewards can stimulate motivation in students who want to achieve
How does achievement apply to motivational theory?
Achievement os a strong desire. A longing, an aim, a goal, or desired objective.
What are the 5 techniques that can assist in developing motivational strategies?
-Make the subject interesting
-Establish goals
-Provide informative feedback
-Show interest in students
-Encourage participation
State the ultimate goal of instruction
Motivate the students to achieve the course objectives
State the 5 different ways of learning
Trial and Error
Discuss the Imitation method of learning
Model the desired behavior
Discuss Trial and Error method of learning
Discovery learning. Can be dangerous to student and equipment
Discuss the Association method of learning
Comparing past learning with a new learning situation
Discuss the Insight method of learning
Occurs when the learner suddenly grasps the way elements of a problem are connected
Discuss the Tranfer method of learning
Applying past learning to new, yet similar situation
State the 5 principles of learning
What is the single most important factor in a students educational advancement
-Motiviation initiates behavior, and directs it. When derailed, can reduce or stop it.
List the 5 learning senses in order of importance
What percent of learning comes from seeing and imitating?
What are the six common characteristics all students possess?
Belief in their maturity
Basic desire to succeed
Ability to evaluate
Sense of Fair Play
Need for recognition
What are the four basic learning styles?
Concrete learners
Active Learners
Reflective Learners
Abstract Learners
List the percentages of info retained when one or more learning styles are involved in the learning process
Abstract 20%
Abstract and reflective 50%
Abs., ref., and Concrete 70%
Abs. Ref. Con. and Active 90%
What is a concrete learner?
Prefer an experience based approach to learning. Prefer imitation
What is an active learner?
People who learn by becoming involved, and taking an active step by step process. Experimenters
What is a reflective learner?
People who like to observe and reflect before drawing conclusions. Analyze observations before attempting new skills
What is an abstract learner?
Prefer a theory based analytical approach to learning.
Barriers to effective communication
Lack of common core exp
overuse of abstractions
fear of ignorance, disapproval, losing status, judgement
Enviornmental factors (temp/noise)
State the purpose of the three step communication process
Sending and Recieving, as well as feedback
Why is listening one of the most important communication skill?
If students are not listening, learning is not taking place
5 factors of planning instructional delivery
Rate of Speech
Force of Speech
Why is body movement important?
All movements should be purpopseful and natural. Movement attracts attention, too much movement distracts
State the four purpposes of oral questioning
Make the student think
Establish level of instruction
Arouse insterest
Check effectiveness
What are the characteristics of a good oral question?
Requires three considerations
-Level of instruction
-Use of an interrogative
-Clarity of meaning
What are the types of oral questions?
Factual, Thought provoking, Interest arousing, Multiple answer, Yes/no, Leading, Canvassing
What are the 5 steps of the 5 step questioning technique
Ask the question
Call on student
Evaluate answer
Emphasize correct answer
List the seven instructional methods
Lecture, Lecture with A/v, lesson, demonstration, role play, case study, discussion
What are the three parts of a learning objective?
Discuss Behavior as a part of a learning objective
What the learner should be able to do as a result of training. Subject/Verb/Object,
Discuss condition as a part of a learning objective
Limiting and aiding factors to satisfy performance requirements
Discuss Standard as a part of a learning objective
The criteria the a student must meet. Defined as time, accuracy, quantity, speed, etc.
What are the three learning domains?
Cognitive, Affective, Psychomotor
What is the Cognitive domain of learning
Knowledge, understanding, application, analysis, synthesis, evaluation.
What is the affective domain of learning
Emotions and feelings, such as interest, attitude, and appreciation.
What are the levels of the psychomotor learning domain?
Perception, Set, Guidede Response, Mechanism, Complex overt response, Adaptation, Origination
What is the perception level of psychomotor learning
Involving sensory stimulation of the student, and recognition of stimulus to perform certain tasks
What is the set level of psychomotor learning?
Students readiness to perform.
What is the guided response level of psychomotor learning?
Involving the early stages of learning a complex skill, learning though trial/error. or imitation.
What is the mechanism level of psychomotor learning?
Performance of mid level skills and the learned responses
What is the complex overt response level of psychomotor learning?
At this level , the student should be able to demonstrate a high degree of proficiency.
What is the adaptation level of psychomotor learning?
Tranfer learning takes place, where student use skill previously learned to perform new, but related tasks
What is the origination level of psychomotor learning?
Refers to a students ability for new and creative performance after having developed a new skill
What is the difference between Learning Objectives, and Terminal Objectives?
Learning objectives are a guide to what you will learn, Terminal Objectives state performance expected as a result of training
What are the two methods fo testing?
Knowledge-Tests written at appropriate level
Performance-tests through demonstration
What are the 5 learning levels a knowledge test item may test?
Recognition, Recall, Comprehension, Application, Analysis and Evaluation
What are the types of performance tests?
Process-set procedure
Product-only the end result os evaluated
What are the primary materials used in presenting instruction?
Lesson Plans, Instruction Sheets, Instructional Media Material
What are lesson plans?
The blue print that ensures course is presented in proper sequence and depth.
What are instruction sheets?
Provides information to student needed to complete a particular task, or course of study.
What is Instructional Media Material?
Any equipment or device that helps the student understand and learn.
What are the two types of instructor evaluations?
Technical- Being the SME in the area of instruction
Technique- Using the most effective techniques to accomplish training