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State the volumes and titles in the NAVEDTRA 131 and what they contain
Volume I - Developer's Guide
Volume I - Supplement
Volume II - Sample Products
Volume III - Manager's Guide
Describe the pre-, post-, and core stages involved in developing materials following the Personnel Performance Profile (PPP) - Based Curriculum Development Method (seven).
stage I
stage II
stage III
stage V
List the contents of a Training Project Plan (TPP).
-Cover Page
-Table of Contents
-Impact if the course development or revision is not undertaken
-Course Data Page
-Safety Risks and Hazardous Materials exposure
-Curriculum development method recommended
-Resource Requirements
Define a Personnel Performance Profile (PPP).
The PPP is a minimum listing of knowledge and skills required to operate and maintain a system, subsystem, or equipment
State the most critical element of curriculum development per NAVEDTRA 131, and explain its importance
The PPP is a list of required skills and supporting knowledge
State and discuss the Training Path System (TPS) outputs (stage 1).
Training Objective Statements (TOS)
Training Level Assignments (TLA)
Table Assignment Matrix (TAM)
Training Path Chart (TPC)
List and describe the contents of the preliminary Training Course Control Documents (stage 2).
Profile Item-to-Topic Objective Assignment Chart (OAC)
Resource Requirement List (RRL)
Curriculum Outline of Instruction (COI)
List and describe the elements of the Lesson Plan
Front matter
Resource Requirements List
State the six types of instruction sheets found in the trainee guide
a. Job
b. Information
c. Assignment
d. Problem
e. Diagram
f. Outline
State the Training Objective Statement (TOS) codes for both knowledge and skill
Define the three “TOS sets”.
Coordinate TOS set
Direct TOS set
Perform TOS set
State and discuss the types of courses listed in a Training Path Chart (TPC).
When should job sheet development begin?
After having finished with development of the PPPs and TPS. After the TOS and TLAs are done
Explain how Course Learning Objectives (CLOs) are developed
selecting the appropriate, already-prepared Course Learning Object model Statements
How are part numbers determined
From the PPP table number
List four of eight ways to sequence a course
Job Performance order
Chronological order
Simple to Complex
Combination Approach
What is contained in a resource requirements list (RRL)?
support materials
What is contained in the final Training Course Control Document (TCCD)?
a. Front Matter
b. Curriculum Outline of Instruction
c. Annexes
What annexes are included in the final Training Course Control Document (TCCD)?
a. Resource Requirements List (RRL)
b. Profile Item-to-Topic Objective Assignment Chart
c. Course Master Schedule (CMS)
d. Fault Applicability List (FAL)