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E: lip-
A: lip
VI: See the lip which is very fat!
M: fat
E: -algia
A: algea
VI: See the algea on the lake with a window pane!
M: pain or painful condition
E: -lysis
A: license
VI: See the license loosening and being destroyed!
M: loosening,destruction,set free
E: chole-
A: coal
VI: See the coal pile!
M: bile
E: hyster-
A: his stir
VI: See his stir saying,"You turn us!"
M: uterus, womb
E: chondr-
A: cone door
VI: See the cone with the door and a cart of leaves!
M: cartilage
E: para-
A: parachute
VI: See the parachute beside each other and the parachute beyond!
E: cervic-
A: serve hic
VI: See the waiter serving hiccups from the bottle with a real neck!
M: neck
E: oid-
A: void
VI: See the voided checks which look alike, resembling each other!
M: like, resembling
E: -scop-
A: scope
VI: See the telescope with everyone looking at it and observing it!
M: look, observe
E: -ostomy
A: "Oh stop Tommy!"
VI: See Tommys mother saying,"Oh stop Tommy!" as he runs away after creating a new opening in the wall!
M: to create an opening
E: proct-
A: Procter & Gamble
VI: See the Procter&Gamble container, it has anacins pouring out of it!
M: anus
E: opthalm-
A: up thumb
VI: See the up thumb(thumbs up) with an eye on top!
M: eye
E: psycho-
A: cycle
VI: See the people fighting over the cycle saying,"mine,mine!"
M: mind
E: my-
A: my eye
VI: See my eye with muscles!
M: muscle
E: cyan-
A: sign
VI: See the stop sign with blue paint poured on it!
M: blue
E: lith-
A: lather
VI: See the lather on the mans face with the stone!
M: stone
E: hypo-
A: hippo
VI: See the hippo under beneath the table!
M: under, beneath deficient
E: ost-
A: ostrich
VI: See the ostrich made of bones!
M: bone
E: hem(at)-
A: hem
VI: See the hem with blood all over it!
M: blood
E: crani-
A: crane
VI: See the crane made of a skull!
M: skull
E: hyper-
A: high purr
VI: See the cat high purring above a more than normal number of cats on the church roof!
M: above,more than normal
E: hemi-
A: hemisphere
VI: See the hemisphere in half!
M: half
E: cyst-
A: sister
VI: See the sister hilding a sack on her shoulder filled with fluid!
M: a sac containing fluid, bladder
E: end-
A: the end
VI: See the end of the motion picture with real people inside or within the screen!
M: inside,within