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self talk that sap up your energy, prevent you from achieving your goals
extreme thinking
things are seen as black or white
a specific failure or negative result is generalized as an endless pattern
mental filter
a single negative detail is emphasized, thus distorting all other aspects of one's perception of reality
disqualifying the positive
even if something positive is experienced, it is mentally disqualified from havin gany relevance or importance
mind reading
drawing negative conclusions regarding situations despite a lack of concrete evidence to support these conclusions
fortune telling
arbitrarily predicting that things will turn out badly
magnifying and minimizing
exaggerating the importance of negative factors and minimizing the importance of positive factors related to ones situation
emotional reasoning
interpreting reality based on the negative emotions one experiences
should statements
terms in ones self talk such as should and shouldnt and ought and must are used to coerce or manipulate oneself into taking actions
labeling and mislabeling
describingoneself, others, or an event with negative labels
identifying oneself as the cause of negative events or outcomes that one is not primarily responsible for causing