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which arthritis can lead to quadriplegia?

(RA can cause subluxation of atlas-axis==>quadriplegia or sudden death)
arthritis assoc w/A-V block
ankylosing spondylitis
arthritis assoc w/bladder and bowel dysfxn
ankylosing spondylitis
arthritis assoc with pulmonary fibrosis
ankylosing spondylitis
arthritis assoc w IBD
ankylosing spondylitis
arthritis assoc w:
pulm fibrosis
ankylosing spondylitis
arthritis assoc w renal impairment
gouty arthritis
C diff toxin
=alpha toxin=lecithinase
horn cysts
lamellated collections of keratin in seborrheic keratosis
Pautrier microabscesses
mycosis fungoides (a cutaneous T cell lymphoma)
sawtooth dermal/epidermal jxn
lichen planus
et of Paget's dz of bone
paramyxovirus infxn of osteoclasts
multiple fractures in kids
ostogenesis imperfecta

(not rickets; rickets doesn't cause fractures, just incr accum of osteoid, incr thickness of epiphyseal growth plates and other Sk deformities)
skin rash assoc w asthma and hay fever
atopic dermatitis (eczema)
pathogenesis of how corticosteroids can cause bone fractures
-inhibit proliferationa nd fxn of osteoblasts

-stimulate prolif and fxn of osteoclasts
honey crusted lesions on face


-entire family has severe itchiness at night
-itchy papules on flexor surfaces of wrist and elbows, buttocks, belt line, genitalia


female mite burrows into stratum corneum in skin to lay her eggs
==>delayed hypersensitivity to mite, feces, or eggs
-biopsy of mass in nasopharynx shows plasma cell proliferation

-small monoclonal IgG spike
-BM eval does not show plasma cell proliferation
-no lytic lesions

plasmacytoma (AKA single myeloma, vs. multiple myeloma):

looks like multiple myeloma but low metastasic potential
what arthritis medication is a sulfa drug?
COX2 inhibitors
increased osteoid
sparse trabeculae
how does Botulinum toxin prevent release of Ach?
cleaves vesicular proteins needed for fusion of secretory vesicles (containing Ach) with the nerve membrane

==>prevents Ach release
type of hypersensitivity in osteoarthritis
Type 2 (Ig against Type II cartilage in cartilage and aq humor)
thymine dimers indicate
UV damage
60 y/o man with CHF has lower leg edema.

Skin around ankles show edema, erythema, mild scaling, and brown discoloration.

stasis dermatitis