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Patrick Test
- aka FABER test or "figure 4" test
- place the ankle on the contralateral knee and push down on the ipsilateral knee and contralateral ASIS simultaneously to elicit pain in the hip or SI joint
Gaenslen Test
- slide the pelvis to the side of the table so it is only supported to the sacrum
- drop the ipsilateral leg off the edge of the bed while holding the contralateral knee to the chest to stress the SI joint
test for rectus femoris tightness
unavoidable hip flexion upon knee flexion
McMurray Test
- patient lying flat (non-weight bearing) and the examiner bending the knee
- A click is felt over a meniscus tear as the knee is brought from full flexion to 90 degrees of flexion
Lachman Test
- Tests for ACL
- Bend the knee to 30 and stabilize the femur with one hand
- Place the other hand behind the proximal tibia at the level of the joint
- Pull forward and grade the motion
apprehension test of the knee
- sign of unstable kneecap
- While the examiner places pressure on the kneecap, the patient may complain of the sensation that the kneecap is going to 'pop out'
patellar ballottement test
means there is effusion
patellar compression test
- this test attempts to correlate anterior knee pain w/ articular degeneration
- you compress the patella down into the trochlear groove as the patient flexes and extends the knee
Thompson test
- patient kneels and squeeze calf
- foot plantarflexes if the Achilles tendon is intact
Tibial torsion test
place ink or chalk on the bottom of the feet and have them walk on paper to evaluate the amount of intoeing
Homans sign
painful calf upon passive dorsiflexion of foot in thrombophlebitis
Hallux Valgus
- tilting of the toe away from the mid-line of the body
- a bunion