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impingement sign
- Position pt sitting
- internally rotate arm w/ thumb downward
- abduct and forward flex the arm
- If impingement, pt will experience pain as the arm is abducted
test for tennis elbow
- resisted wrist extension
Tinel's test
- for carpel tunnel
- a sign of nerve recovery, if the site of the nerve injury is tapped, there is tingling along the course of the nerve
- tapping over the carpal tunnel causes tingling in the thumb and radial two and a half fingers
Phalen's test
- for carpal tunnel
- wrists held in flexion for 60 seconds or less
- test is positive if it causes a reproduction of sx
- due to increased P in the tunnel from by wrist flexion
Allen test
- compressing radial and ulnar arteries, pt makes a fist until blood is gone
- release pressure on one or the other to demonstrate patency
Bunnell test
- test for intrinsic muscle tightness where the MCP joints cannot be fully extended if the IP joints are fully flexed
- but MP joint extension increases with IP joint extension
intrinsic minus deformities
claw hands
intrinsic plus deformities
Monteggia fracture
- Proximal ulna fracture
- AND fracture subluxation of radial head