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ABCD’s of MSK radiology|
Alignment|Bone mineralization|Cartilage|Distribution|Soft tissues||
Well-defined lytic lesion|
Metastasis: thyroid carcinoma, RCC|Multiple myeloma (plasmacytoma)|Giant cell tumor|Enchondroma (digits)|Clear cell chondrosarcoma|Desmoplastic fibroma (desmoid)|Fibrous dysplasia|Brown tumor|Hemophiliac pseudotumor|Subacute osteomyelitis (Brodie’s abscess)|Osteoblastoma|||
Only in patients <30 years of age|
Aneurysmal bone cyst|Solitary bone cyst|Nonossifying fibroma|Chondroblastoma|Chondromyxoid fibroma|Eosinophilic granuloma||
Automatics by age|
<30 y/o: EG, infection|>40 y/o: metastases, multiple myeloma, infection||
Multiple lesions|
Fibrous dysplasia|EG|Enchondromas|Metastases, multiple myeloma|Hyperparathyroidism (brown tumors)|Infection||
Lesions without associated pain|
Fibrous dysplasia|Enchondroma|NOF|UBC||
Similar appearing lesions|
ABC + osteoblastoma|Chondroblastoma (child, adolescent) + clear cell chondrosarcoma (adult)|Chondromyxoid fibroma (calcified matrix is NOT seen) + NOF||