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Name the 3 branches of the Deep femoral artery.
1. Lateral femoral circumflex A
2. Medial femoral circumflex A
3. Perforating AA
Which artery can be found coursing posteriorly medial to iliopsoas muscle/tendon and superior to the pectineus muscle in the proximal thigh?
Medial circumflex humeral A
Name the 3 branches of the lateral circumflex humeral A.
1. Transverse branch
2. Descending branch
3. Ascending branch
Which branch of the Lateral circumflex femoral A supplies the gluteus muscles and hip joint?
Transverse branch
Which branch of the Lateral circumflex humeral A is an important supply to the vastus lateralis and lateral knee?
Descending branch
Which branch of the Lateral circumflex humeral A travels up towards the Iliopsoas?
Ascending branch
Which 4 arteries form the cruciate anastomosis?
1. Inferior gluteal A
2. Medial circumflex humeral A
3. Lateral circumflex humeral A
4. First perforating A

*Cruciate anastomosis represents the blood supply to the muscles of the posterior proximal thigh and gluteal region
Which 6 arteries form the genicular anastomosis?
1. Descending genicular A (from femoral A)
2. Superior medial genicular A
3. Inferior medial genicular A
4. Superior lateral genicular A
5. Inferior lateral genicular A
6. Middle genicular A

*Represents blood supply to the muscles of the anterior distal thigh and knee.
(All but one of the arteries come from the popliteal A)
The Popliteal A bifurcates into which two branches?
1. Anterior tibial A
2. Posterior tibial A
Artery that carries blood to the anterior compartment of the lower leg and dorsal surface of the foot.
Anterior tibial A
Name 7 branches of the Anterior tibial A
1. Posterior tibial recurrent
2. Anterior tibial recurrent
3. Unnamed muscular branches
4. Anterior medial malleolar
5. Anterior lateral malleolar
6. Dorsalis pedis A
7. Arcuate artery
Name 3 branches of the Posterior tibial A.
1. Fibular (peroneal) A
2. Medial plantar A
3. Lateral plantar A
Which artery runs just medial to the fibula and supplies the lateral compartment of the leg as well as providing a nutrient artery to the fibula?
Fibular (peroneal) A
Which pulses are often examined as part of the assessment for peripheral vascular diseases?
1. Dorsalis pedis pulse
2. Posterior tibial pulse
Which pulse is palpated posterior and inferior to the medial malleolus?
Posterior tibial pulse
The anterior (fibular) and posterior tibial veins join to form what vein?
Popliteal V
Name the 2 deep veins of the leg?
1. Anterior tibial (fibular) V
2. Posterior tibial V
Name the 2 main superficial veins of the leg?
1. Great saphenous V
2. Small saphenous V
Which vein does the Great saphenous V empty into?
Femoral V
Pain with dorsiflexion of the foot can be indicative of..?
Venous thrombus