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How much has the human population increased since the Industrial Revolution?
Went from 1 Billion to 6 billion
What effect did humans have on the Nitrogen cycle?
Doubled N2 fixed into the cycle, mainly because of fertilizer maufacture and use
What effect did humans have on the Sulfur cycle?
Doubled sulfur dioxide entering the atmosphere, mainly bc of fossil fuel use
What effect did humans have on the Carbon cycle?
CO2 has increased 36% bc of fossil fuel combustion
What is the Nitrogen cycle stimulated by?
fertilizer and sewage
what does eutrophication (nitrogen cycle) cause?
dead zones and toxic algae blooms in estuaries
What is Nitrous oxide and what does it do?
greenhouse gas, destroys stratospheric ozone
Why is nitrate bad in groundwater?
toxic in drinking water
Harmful algae blooms:
often called what
where have they increased
due to what
Red tides
coastal areas
Where does Brevetoxin come from?
what does it do to organisms?
Gymnodinium Breve, Gulf of Mexico
Food poisoning, respiratory problems
How does Ciguatoxin get spread?
which fish does it affect?
attached to seaweed, consumed by reef fishes stored in their livers.
groupers, snappers, baracudas
What are the symptoms of Ciguatoxin?
headache, nausea, low blood pressure, hot/cold reversal, convulsions, paralysis, death
What does Saxitoxin cause?
Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning
What species is Saxitoxin accumulated by?
clams, oysters, mussels
How does Saxitoxin hurt you?
blocks nerve transmission, death by respiratory failure
Is Saxitoxin destroyed by cooking?
What is Pfiesteria piscidia commonly referred to as?
Cell from Hell
Where has Pfiesteria piscidia killed many fish?
Started off NC coast, off Atlantic coast and esp Chesapeake Bay
What effects does Pfiesteria piscidia have on humans?
Neurotoxic: sores, memory loss, respiratory distress, vertigo
What animals does Tetrodotoxin occue in associaton with?
reef fishes (puffers, sunfish, porcupine fish), blue ringed octopus, newts, frogs
Who eats fish with TTX
the crazy japanese
What is Palytoxin associated with, and what is it probably synthesized by?
Hawaiian coral, bacterium
What did Natives used to do with Palytoxin?
apply it to tips of spears before battle