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important process of locating potiential customets for a product or service.
What percent of annual turnover of clients?
What is the biggest problem with prospecting?
no one wants to be rejected
What is the funnel of prospecting?
leads 5-10
suspect 10-20
prospect 20-80
customer 80+
What classifies as a lead?
any referal contact
sounds like a match
What classifies as a suspect?
Contact by phone, agrees to meet, more sources now
2 to 3 meetings, they do have money to spend, you can save and make them money, coach/champion id'ed
sole source or clearly favored, completly qualified, presented to decision maker (champion)
How do you manage the funnel?
keep getting leads, set time for all companies in your funnel, forcast future revenue.
3 methods to reaching to customers and why is each bad
phone- who likes telemarketers, email- junk mail folders, mailing lists- thrown in trash
Explain the chart
just know it
4 reasons why communication is important
1. bulids trust, 2. helps satusfy customers needs 3. qualifies customer (they they qualify to be your customer 4. diffuses tention (jokes, stories etc)
2 types of communication
message and feedback
How should your face be?
SMILING-- show them you really want to be there
open, not crossed
keep eye contact, pupils tend to enlarge when engaged in convo
halo effect
they will make thier decision about if they like you in about 30 seconds
when you are bored what does your body do?
body and eyes move around alot
what should you bring with you to a sales call
someone to take notes
how should you dress
match appearence to theirs
how should the envirnment be
ready, get there early to make sure there is no loud noises, and make sure there is water and enough chairs
what are the 7 b's of listening?
be smarter- listen
be patient- let others finish, never inturept,
be interested- dont talk just to talk, be to the point
Be ready- formulate responses to even the most odd questions
be pertinent- to the pointbe be effective- reiterate and clarify
be selective- not to many notes
what is an open question
encourages response: why havnt you gotten laptops for everyone?
what is a closed question
led to yes or no: are u interested in buying laptops
what does the godfather is in the house represent?
ask permission, show respect to customer
what is an elevator speech
30 second speech to show champion why they should buy form you... has value statement, and is very clear
how should you deal with negative news?
say negative things with positive words, before or after meeting depends on the customer
murphays law, and how to prep for it
everything that can go wrong will go wrong so get there early
how should you sit?
mix in with each other, dont put all of your team on one side, and all of another team on another
when should you hand out pampllets?
last, leave them in your breifcase
lots of slides and bullets or little
why should you write reports and memos
to know aobut the case, and have it remembered how you want it remembered
buys products and services to manufacturer and sells to customers
origional equiptment manufacturer: people who buy things to go in thier project (gm buys seats from lear)
largest customer, has rules and regs
churches, schools, museams,: have regulations too
3 types of buy
new: everything is new
modified re-buy: customer or product is new, other is the same
straight re-buy: everything the same
2 main reasons to buy
rational and emotional motives
unsatisifed needs and wants
8 steps of buying process
1. recognition of pain, find customer with "broken bleeding leg" 2. define need 3. devolp specifications, tell them what they need to do 4. search for qualified vendors 5. proposal analysis 6. evaluation and selection of vendor. 7. place and receive order 8. evaluation of relationship
what is buyer looking for?
INTANGABLES-- trust/comfort level, management of risk, value and oppurtunity, total cost of ownership
cross functional group
people from other departments that will use it: people from marketing, finance, and the workers
who is the black hat?
dosnt want YOUR comany to do the job, needs attention
tree hugger?
dosnt like change, needs to know there wont be change
knows all the players, know the plays and you can get advancement and facts from him
gate keeper
finincial person with title, he needds control
vp, in head seat.. needs ego
secret agent man
agrees to your face, says no out of the meeting... you need to convince him you are good
not a real person... but the meeting is just to get info not to buy
very assertive, task orinted.. hillary clinton
bush: responsive, warm, compoetive
clinton: high on response, low assertiveness, works well with people
right brain
aimables and expressives: real smile, family, small talk
left brain:
driver and analytical: straight to business
al gore: low response and low assertive