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What are the 2 ways to set tabs?
1. Tab Dialog Box

2. Ruler
How do you display tab characters if they are not visible on the screen?
Click the show/hide button
Which dialog box is used to set a leader?
Tabs Dialog Box
What type of tab do you use to create _] ?
Right Aligned Tab
What interval does "WORD" use for default tabs?
0.5 inch
How do you clear a tab by using the ruler?
Position pointer on the tab marker and drag it off the ruler.
Which keyboard shortcut can you use to clear tab settings for a selected paragraph?
Does a leader appear to the left or to the right of a leader tab setting?
Which function key starts a spell check?
The F7 key
Which option in the Spelling and Grammer dialog box lets you skip over an incorrectly spelled word?
Ignore once option
To delete text with the Replace command, which text box do you leave blank?
The replace with text box
When you click "New" on the AUTO TEXT toolbar , which dialog box opens?
Create Auto text dialog box
Where is the spelling and grammar status icon located?
Right end of the status
What is the special character code used for finding a paragraph mark?
How do you remove the existing clipboard items on the OFFICE Clipboard?
Clear All Button
After pasting text, what appears immediately below the pasted text?
Paste option button
Which view is displayed when you click /~~/??
Print Layout View
What does the pointer look like when it is located over the margin boundary in PRINT LAYOUT VIEW?
Which toolbar button enables you to turn a WORD document into the body of a email message?
Email Button
Which button do you click in a wizard dialog box to accept the default settings?
The next button
Which tab, in which dialog box, do you use to change the page orientation?
Margin Tab/Tab setup dialog box
What are the menu commands to add an envelope to document?
Choose tools, letter and mailing, envelopes and labs
How do you switch to Edit mode in Print Preview?
click the magnifier button to change the pointer to I-beam
Which keyboard combination inserts the date?
Which type of page break is automatically adjusted as you key text?
Soft page break
Which type of section break does not start on a new page?
Continuous section break
What is the term for the last line of a paragraph that appears alone at the top of the page?
Which option would you apply to a paragraph so it is not divided by a page break?
Keep lines together
Which dialog box and tab would you display to change the vertical alignment of a section?
Page setup and Layout tab
Which type of vertical alignment spaces text so the top line aligns with the top margin and the bottom line aligns with the bottom margin?
Which layout option do you use to begin a document header on the SECOND page and leave the FIRST page header blank?
A different first page
On the header and footer toolbar, WHat is the purpose of the I/~/? button?
To move between the header and footer