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Changing the username and initials to your name & initials will have what effect on a presentation you review?
?? Your name appears at the bottom of the title slide?
Which feature do you use to copy slides from one presentation to another?
>INSERT >Slides from files> Slide finder>BROWSE to file >OPEN FILE>select slides.
Why would you save a presentation as a presentation for review.
To allow others to review and provide feedback.
Clicking the new slide button on the formatting toolbar will insert a new slide WHERE?
In the slide pane & in slide layout pane INSERTS BELOW currently selected slide.
To move a table in a slide point to which table component?
MOve the placeholder by positioning teh mouse pointer on teh border of the placeholder until the pointer displays with a 4 headed arrow.
Know to select all cells in a table
highlight and drag pointer to all cells or point into one box on the table and >EDIT >SELECT ALL
With the slide tab selected, how are individual slides displayed?
On the left side in a single column.
Know what the autocontent wizard does.
Creates a presentation - new presentation task pane displays at right side of screen. The presentation is created with sample ideas for text to be filled in.
Which two keys do you press to promote the insertion point to the previous level?
<SHIFT>+<TAB> to promote
<tab> demotes
Know which Keys you press to demote to the next level
What does the task pane do?
Right side of screen. name varies. Slide Design Task Pane, Slide Layout Task Pane. PRESENTS FEATURES TO HELP YOU EASILY IDENTIFY AND USE MORE OF THE PROGRAM.
What is a footer?
It shows at the bottom of the page in small print on every slide.
When inserting a table in a slide which items must be specified?
Number of rows and columns.
Know when / why you would use the fill color button.
change background color, shape fills.
what is the file category of most clip art pictures?
WMF - metafile format
Why would you use crop?
resize or crop a picture to fit better, reduce file size.
When would you use replace fonts?
To replace a fons universally throughout a presentation.
Press these keys on the keyboard to select all text in the placeholder
Place the insertion point in the object, and then press CTRL+A
recolor a clip art image with options at this dialog box.
Display animation schemes in the slide design task pane by clicking this option on the menu bar
SLIDESHOW>Annimation schemes
Specify spacing before a paragraph with options at this dialog box
This pane contains two tabs and displays at teh left side of the window in normal view.
Outline/slides pane
click this button on the VIEW toolbar and all slides in the presentation display in slide miniature.
slide sorter view
button on the VIEW toolbar shows what views?
normal view, slide sorter view, and slideshow from current slide
if text is bigger than placeholder?
AUTOFIT OPTIONS APPEARS - stop fitting or autfit text
Create a blank line between bulleted items without creating another bullet
inserts a new line that is considered part of the previous paragraph.
Text intensive slides use what type of font?
headings subtitles and titles and short text items use what type of font?
in slide sorter view, how do you move a slide?
position arrow pointer over slide hold down CTR key and left mouse button drag to location you want