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Which arthritis does NOT involve the KIP or thoracolumbar spine
RA's key genetic marker for
When does RA commonly remint?
What are the tumor -like attributes of AR? (2)
1) neovascularization

2) infiltration of synovium with lymphocytes taht attach to and degrade teh cartilage and bony margins of the joint (ongoing CD4+ T-cell response -> releases cytokines that mature monocytes tinto synovial macrophages adn osteaoclasts)
___ derived cytokines may be the most important type in RA
Th-17 (release RANK ligand)

Th-1 dreived cytokines (TNF, IL-12) also important
TNF alpha antibodies =

TNF alpha soluble receptor =
TNF alpha antibodies =

TNF alpha soluble receptor = etanercept
outopouching of the synovium caused by weakneess in the joint capsule, especially posteriorly in the popliteal fossa
Baker's cyst - swellig of calf
long-standing severe RA with splenomegaly, lymphadenopathy and neutropenia
Felty's syn
RF is produced by ____ and present in ____ of the RA patients at the time of dx

also sen in what other dz's (3)
plasma cells


2)primary SS
Name lab find to fallow to see how RA is progressing?
C Reactive Protein
Ab highly specific for RA

anti-CCP (cyclic citrulinated peptide)

exption is in psoriatic arthritis where it is found in 5-10% patients
2 enviromental predisposisng factors for SLE?
1) sun exposure

2) sex hormones (estrogen replacement can acelerate the progression of SLE)
deficiencies in what proteins are assoicated with SLE?
early compoenents fothe classical pathway of complement activation (C4a, C2, C1q)
Ab found for SLE? (5)
1) ANA - nonspecific

2) Anti-ds DNA - correlate with developemnt of renal disaae or glomerular nephritis

3) Anti-Smith (SM) - highly specific

4)Ab to nuclear histones - DRUGINDUCED SLE

5) Anti-phospholipid (APL) - not specific but correlate with 1)predisposition to thrombosis 2)low platelet count 3)osteonecrosis
most major cause fo mortality in women iwith lupis?
premature CVD

..patiens arent dying of lupus
major predictor of the progression of Lupus nephritis to end stage renal disease
Blood Pressure
SLE ass with what heart complication?..Ab?
Libman-Sacks Endocadrditis (nonbacterial, usually affects mitral valve; can cause stroke syn as emboli go to the brain)

ass with Anti-Phospholipid Ab (APA)
main pathogenic mech for SS?
infiltration of exocrine galnd by lymphoytes (usually CD4_ T cells)
SS genetically correlated with?


Primary SS commonly affects who
females in their child-bearing years
Most common renal complication with SS
DISTAL tubular acidosis (ass iwht kidney stones, nephrocalcinosis & hypokalemia)
key hematologic hallmark of SS
hypergammaglobulinemia (pt has lots of hyperactive B cells)

therefore UP risk of LYMPHOMA of B cell origin
Major Ab ass with SS (3)

2)Anti-SSA (Ro)

3)Anti-SSB (La)
inflammatory myopathy exclusively in pt over age 50
Inclusion Body Myositis
___ Ab ass with subtype fo poly myositis that features?
Anti Jo-1

MC site of osteoarthiritis
carpal-metacarpal (CMC) joint of thumb
why are pst-menopausal women more susceptible to gout?
estrogen ahs a uricosuric effect, helping women excrete uric acid in their urine
gout is esp ass with what syndrome? why?
Lesch-Nyhan Syn - complete deficeincy fo HGPRT
strongest risk factor for pseudogout (aka CPPD deposition dz)

pseudogout has a AD inheritance pattern