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store your data
allow you to view, change, and analyze data from tables
view, add, and update data in tables
control how the data is printed
Data access pages
view, update, or analyze your database's data from Internet or local network.
– separate information that describe the data item (headings in a file folder)
- individual data items (individual folders)
- the complete collection
Design View
View create the fields of your table before inputting any data in your table.
Types of Databases
- has all of its data at one site (Microsoft Access)
Distributed Databases -
stored on more than one location
Flat File Database
- each database contained in a single table that consists of single files –
Hierarchical Data
data in a tree-like structure and its elements are connected in a one-to-many relationship
Network Model
variation of the hierarchical data model - many-to-many relationships
Microsoft Access
- relational DBMS - store information in databases and manipulate it
- establishing a certain association between common fields in tables
Primary Key
- contain unique information about the records
Foreign Key
- consists of one or more fields to which a primary key in another table refers
3 Primary Key Types
Single-field each field must be unique
Multiple-field can't guarantee that any one field will contain unique information
Types of Relationships
One-to-One relationship
One-to-Many relationship
Many-to-Many relationship
One-to-One relationship
one record in Table A relating to only one record in Table B
One-to-Many relationship
one record in Table A relates to zero, one, or more records in Table B.
Many-to-Many relationship
allows for more than one record of Table A to relate to more than one record of Table B should be avoided
What is a database
organized collection of information
What is a Database Management System (DBMS)
software package used for creating a database
When there is one record in the Customer Table that relates to one or more records in the Billing Table, we say that it is what kind of relationship?
One-to-many relationship
What are the set of rules that Access uses in order to enforce consistency between tables?
Referential Integrity
In Access, one database table can be related to another, which is generally referred to as performing a _____________ .
A field or a set of fields with a unique value in the primary table is considered a
Primary Key
A relational database reduces ___________.
Data redundancy
The primary key of one table and the foreign key in another table form a __________.
What are the plus symbols for when entering or viewing data in the datasheet view?
For accessing related data through a subdatasheet
What are all of the different types of primary keys that are allowed?
AutoNumber, Single-field, and Multiple-field
A foreign key field can't contain duplicate data.
The data types of the primary key and foreign key fields must be the same although there are two exceptions.
When designing a query, you can specify the order in which the fields should be sorted.
The Simple Query Wizard helps you to create queries that retrieve data from the fields that you specify in the tables or queries in your database.
Which type of query is used to append the records from one or more tables to the end of one or more tables?
What is the Update query used for?
To perform mass updates
If you looked at a query in design view and saw that the fifth column contained Total Sales:[UnitPrice]*[UnitsSold] what type of field do you think it would be?
Calculated Field
A query designed by the Simple Query Wizard cannot be modified.
What are the types of Action Queries?
Delete, Update, Append, and Make Table
Why do we need queries?
To extract specific data from a database.
Select queries:
A) Retrieve data from one or more tables by using criteria you specify and then display the data.
Which type of query prompts the user for input?
Parameter query
The Query Wizard can be used to extract information from tables, queries, or both.
Calculated Field is created using mathematical expressions, or equations, to determine the contents that are displayed in the control object
Which is the most dangerous Action query?
Query means to _____________.
Ask a question
It's a good idea to make a copy of the data you are changing or moving in an action query, in case you need to restore the data to its original state after running the action query.
Referential integrity rule that permits a change in value to the primary key and changes the appropriate foreign key values in a related table
Cascade update
A referential integrity rule that permits a record in the primary table to be deleted and also deletes all records in related tables that have matching foreign key values.
Cascade delete
The field used to determine the order of records in a datasheet form, or other object.
Sort field
Sort field whose value is different for each record
Unique sort field
A sort field for which more than one record can have the same value.
Non unique sort field
A statement containing a combination of database fields, constants, and operators that you define in a query to perform a calculation
A field that displays the results of an expression in a query datasheet or a form or report, but does not exist as a field in the database.
Calculated field
A relationship between two tables in which each record in the primary table matches zero, one, or many records in the related table, and in which each record in the related table matches at most one record in the primary table.
One-to-many relationship
A set of values that Access enforces to maintain consistency between related tables when you update data in a database. Also, the integrity constraint specifying that each nonnull foreign key value must match a primary key value in the related table.
Referential Integrity
A ____________ is a collection of 8 bits.
A collection of related bytes is called a?
A collection of related fields is called a ?
A collection of related records is called a?
A database consists of rows and columns. Each row is a ____________, while each column represents ______________
What is the name of the software tool that can be used to create a database; add, change, and delete data in the database; sort and retrieve data; and create forms and reports using the data in the database?
database management system
In a database table, a(n)___________ contains a specific piece of information within a record?
What is the name of the field that is used as the unique identifier for each record?
Primary key
What is the term used to describe a collection of data organized in a manner that allows access, retrieval, and use of that data?