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killed game and gathered roots and edible plants.
Lateen sails
took advantage of wind from any direction
allowed saliors to determine direction
ships that were more maneuverable than cargo ships
allowed sailors to calculate latitude
European prospective
* we helped by converting them to Catholicism
* Columbus was a hero
* we paid them for their labor
* we brought civilization to the people
* Columbus' work benefited the world
* Columbus discovered America
American Indian Prospective
*we always lived here
*we were slaves
*Columbus's actions led to the destruction of our way of life
*the diseases nearly wiped us out
*had a class system
*studied the stars
*some people were rich(precious stones)
*ordinary citizens were workers
*Improved the calendar
*number system with zero
*They vanished
*writing with glyphs
*The most powerful group
*launched expansion and conquest
*their capitol was Cuzco which they redid
*built complex cities and roads
*lived near gulf of Mexico
*started developing a calender
*called the mother culture
*practiced slash and burn
*built sites with pyramids, mounds& ball courts
*basalt sculptors near San Lorenzo
the land mass that the Paleo- Indians walked across
Feudalism -Rise
*Kings relied on the nobles to protect their territory and conduct gov't business
* In return for land protection nobles pledged loyalty and military assistance to the rulers.
Feudalism- fall
New technology- no need for extra man labour
*Trading set up worldy connections
* serfs moved to cities where they could earn wages
Renaissance- cause
The Crusades set up trading and political reforms

*the sharing of knowledge
*invention of printing press
*the spread of knowledge and ideas far and wide

*cultural diffusion
Meso-american groups
South American group
North american groups
Bartholemeu Diaz
rounded cape good hope
established a route to Indian ocean
Vasco de Gama
*rounded cape of good hope he landed on West coast of India

*Completed sea route to the coast
Christopher Columbus
wanted to go to Asia by going west

*found land in the west lead way to new charting of land
Vasco Núñez de Balbosa
wanted to claim land for Spain

*came across panama he found the south sea
Ferdinand Magellen
wanted to find a way past the Americas to India

*was the first to circumnavigate the world
Hernan Cortés
sailed to Mexico wanted gold

*killed off the Aztec
They revolted and made the Spanish leave
Fransisco Pizzaro
*he conquered the Inca

*broke up native Americas and made them fight each other
John Cabot
joined search for Asia failed he claimed land for Newfoundland

*he formed the basis for French claims
Frances Drake
*England fought Spain

*only half the armada returned to Spain
Sir Walter Raleigh
Explored the Atlantic to go to new lands

*set up colonies Roanoke, but they failed