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What is a cell?
smallest unit able to carry out all processes of life
has to be able to carry out?
What are the characteristics of life
There are 6
Two types of organisms are?
Unicellular and Multicellular
Unicellular? example?
organism made up of only one cell, an amoeba is unicellular
group of unicelular organisms living together
organisms made up of multiple cells with differentiation
Cell differentiation?
each type of cellhas aunique job
3 variations in cells are?
Size, shape, internal organization
Surface are tovolume ratio in cell?
as the surface area increasesthe volume increases a full factor of 10 more than the area
what moves throughout cell to keep it alive?
nutrients such as sugars/carbs, proteins, h2o, o2
What happens if a cell is to samll?
It can't do allthe processes of life
What happens when the cell is to big?
The nutrientscant get across the cell and it dies
What determines the shape of a cell?
Cell with out membrane bound organelle
Cells with membrane bound organelle
group of cells working together
group of tissues working together
organ systems?
group of organs working together
Parts of Eukaryotic and Prokaryotic Cells?
Cell Membrane/Plasma
The outer phospholipid boundary of a cell, found in all cells
Functions of cell membrane?
keeps good stuff in
keeps bad stuff out
cellular identiy
Selectively Permeable Membrane/
pick what passesthrough outer layer
How a selectively permeable membrane is supposed to work?
proteins have a 3d shape and 3d shape matches whatever its supposedto allow through the membrane
Parts of a cell membrane?
Protein markers?
ID tags for the cells
Protein Pores?
Selective pathways across cellular membrane
Protein receptors?
proteins which recieve signals from other cells
Compadibility issues due to cellular ID tags
match blood type
match of marker proteins
cut off part of immune system
Fluid Mosaic Model of Cell membrane?
model of the cellmembrane incorporatingthe multi-facet nature of the cell and thefactitis a liquid
Phospholipid Bilayer/Lipid Bilayer
cell membrane has 2 layers of phospholipids
How do protein receptors work?
Receptor has 3D shape that matches chemical signal
jellylike stuff inside of a cell
Cytoplasmic streaming?
movement of the cytoplasm inside cell
What cytoplasmic streaming accomplishes?
distributes food and waste throughout the cell and aids in cellular movement
Ribosomes? most what?
organelles without memebranes that make proteins, most numerous organelle in acell
Ribosomes in Prokaryotic cells are where?
scattered throughout cytoplasm
Ribosomes in Eukaryotic cells are where?
in cytoplasm or on the rough endoplasmic reticulum
Free Ribosomes? Bound Ribosomes?
Free: scatter throughout cytoplasm -make proteins that are used inside cell
Bound: bound to Rough Endoplasmic Reticulum - make proteins that are secreted out of cell