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The leader of the knights of labor?
Terrence V> Powderly
The leader of the AFL??
Samuel Gompers
Which work union was successful?
What was the SHerman Antitust act?
Passed in 1890, it prohibited manopolies and trusts
Name SIX big railroad inventions.
1. standard gauge
2. air brakes
3. pullman
4. refrigerated cars
5. car couplers
6. steel tracks
Name two ways of making steel
the open hearth process
the bessemer process
WHat did Henry Ford invent? What was his biggest selling car called?
The assembly line and the MOdel T
WHo created the telephone?
Alexander Graham Bell
Who invented the telegraph?
samuel morse
Who was Ida Tarbell
She muckbreaker who wrote tuhe book on Standard Oil
What methods did John D. Rockefeller use to build his company?
Horizontal Integration and Rebates.
Name the two biggest railroad barons.
Cornelius Vandebilt and Leland Stanford
What is a pool?
To eliminate competition by assigning a company to one part of an area so you can make your rates as high as you want.
Who was Mary Harris Jones?
Fought for rights in the Haymarket Riot
What was the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire?
in 1911 148 people died in the fire because they got locked in.
When and what happened in the Pullman Strike?
In 1884, the Pullman Cra COmpanies workers went on strike
WHat is vertical integration?
Owning all parts of production