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What were two values represented in the Iroquois Creation Myth?
Nature and balance
Who was known as the "Earth Diver?"
the muskrat
What is the study of the exchange of goods and services?
What is the SQRRR method used for?
An efficient study technique for textbook assignments
What led to a weakening of the League of the Iroquois?
The introduction of alcohol, specifically whiskey into their society
How is your longhouse family determined?
Through blood ties to the oldest mother
What is the Great Law of Peace?
The Iroquois Constitution
Who came up with the idea for the Iroquois Confederacy?
What does S.C.O.O.M. stand for? And why is it in this order?
Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, Oneida, Mohawk
Because that is the way they settled [[west to east]].
Describe the fifth theme geography: region
A shared physical or human characteristic
Who was Dekanawida?
A Huron Indian who lived in present day Canada. He had a dream about making peace
Who was Hiawatha?
An Onondaga Indian who helped Dekanawida spread the idea in his dream, how to make peace.
What was the role of women in the Confederacy?
They chose the "sachems" and they were able to take away a sachem privelige if they feel the person did not deserve it.
What is a myth?
A story handed down from generation to generation
What are the five themes of geography?
location, place, human envorimental interaction, movement and regions