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Where does Africa rank in terms of size?
Arica is the world's 2nd largest continent
Approximately how many ethnic groups live in Africa?
There are more than 800 ethnic groups in Africa
Approximately how many people live in Africa?
800 million people live in Africa.
Explain the Roman and Greek origin for the word Africa
Roman word "aprica" means sunny and the Greek word "aphrihe" means no cold
About what proportion of the land mass of Africa is taken up by the Sahara desert?
25% of Africa is the Sahara Desert.
How do US and Africa compare in population.
U.S. population in about 288 million and Africa's population is about 800 million. Africa is about 64% more
How does the Sahara compare with the Mojave Desert
Sahara is 8.6 million square kilometers. The Mojave is 64,750 square kilometers in size.
Compare Africa's longest river, the Nile, with the Mississippi. Difference in lengths
The Nile is 6695 km long or 6150 kilometers longer than the Mississippi (545 km).
What is the difference in size between the Sahara and the US?
Sahara is 8.2 km squared and the U.S. is 9,629,091 km squared. The U.S. is only 1, 429,91 km squared larger
Where are the Atlas Mountains?
The Atlas Mountains are in northwest Africa extending through extending about 2,400 km (1,500 miles) through Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia.
What countries border Lake Victoria?
Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania all border Lake Victoria
What country contains the high plateau elevations
Highveld is where the higest plateau elevations are located in the country of South Africa
What oceans surround Africa?
The oceans surrounding Africa are the Atlantic and the Indian Oceans.
WHich European nation colonzied a part of Africa less than 50 miles away from its most southern point
Italy colonized Libya which is close to Italy's most southern point
Which European nations colonized only on large area?
What independent nations appear on the map of Africa in 1913 and also appear on the map of Africa today?
South Africa and Ethiopia were independent in 1913 and are also independent today.
Which two European powers controlled the most land in Africa in 1913? Which controlled the least?
The French and the British controlled most of Africa in 1913 and the Spanish controlled the least amount of Africa
Which countries in Africa today formed French West Africa in 1913?
Mauritania, Malie, Senegal,
Burkina, Chad, Niger, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco,
Which three African countreis emerged from colonialism with the most territory?
Algeria, Congo, and Sudan have the most land.
What was Tanzania's name in 1913?
German East Africa was the name of Tanzania in 1913
What was Botswana's name in 1913?
Botswana's name, in 1913, was Bechuanaland
What was Zambia's name in 1913?
Zambia was called Nyasaland in 1913.
What country borders both the Red and Mediterranean Seas?
Egypt borders both the Mediterranean and Red Seas.
What African country consists of a large island?
Madagascar is a large island of Africa
What country is completely surrounded by the country of South Africa?
Lesotho is completely surrounded by South Africa
What capital cities lies close to the Mediterranean Sea?
Tripoli, the capital of Libya is on the Mediterranean Sea
What is French Somalia called today?
Frenc Somalia is called Arabia today
Which Christian denomination has the most followers in Africa?
Catholicism has the most Christian followers in Africa today.
What percentage of Africans are Muslim?
40.5% of Africans are Muslim today
What are Africa's two most populated cities?
Lagos in Nigeria with over 8 hundred thousand and Cairo Egypt with over 7 hundred thousand are Africa's two most populated cities.
What is the population category for Algiers?
The population category for Algiers is well over 100,000 because each dot represents 100,000. It is very populated
What languages are spoken in the southern tip of Africa?
Afrikaans and English are spoken in the southern tip of Africa
What language group does the Masai belong too?
Masai belongs to the Nil-Saharan language group
Wjat are the most widespread language groups in Africa?
Afro-Asiatic and Niger-Congo language groups are the most widespread.
What is the primary language group in Tunisia?
Tuareg of the Afro-Asian group is the most spoken language in Tunisia.
What is the primary language group in Tanzania?
Swahili of the Niger-Congo group is the most spoken language in Tanzania.
What three African countreis have the largest land area?
Algeria, the Congo, and the Sudan have the largest land area.
WHich country has the lowest life expectancy? How does the US compare?
The life expectancy in Zambia is 37, the lowest in Africa compared to the US where life expectancy is 77 or 40 years more.
Which country has the lowest literacy rate?
Niger has a literacy rate of 15% which is the lowest in Africa.
Which country has the higest infant mortaility rate? How many doctos does it have per 1000 persons?
Sierra Leone has an infant mortality rate of 157.1 per 1000 live births, the highest in Africa. They have 7 doctors per 100,000 people or 0.07 doctors per thousand people.
Which three African countreis have the fewest people?
Seychelles has a population of 82,000, Sao Tome and Principe have a population of 160,000, and Cape Verde has a population of 401,000 making them the 3 least populated countries in Africa.
What are the top three African countreis in GDP.
The GDP or Gross Domestic Product of South Africa is296.1, the GDP of Egypt is 200 and of Algeria (147.6) make them the top 3 GDP's in Africa.
Calcualte the GDP per capita for Sierra Leone, Zambia, and Eritrea by dividing GDP by population. What is the relationship between GDP and life expectancy?
Sierra Leone is 2.5/5233,000 = 0.0000005 Zambia is 8.5/9582000 =0.0000009 and Eritrea is 2.9/4142000 =0.0000007. Sierra Leone has the lowest GDP per capita, then Eritrea and finally Zambia. The life expectancy increases as the GDP per person increases.