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The movement of air molecules from an area of high presure to an area of low pressure.
____on earths surface creates areas of different pressure and winds that circulate the air.
Temparature Differences
____is heated more than any other place
Air above the equator
What causes the temperature differences?
The surface is curved,not flat,so not all areas recieve the same amount of radiation.
Less radiation at the poles->cooler->more dense->sinks->moves along surface. (Convection current emerges)Why is the coriols effect caused?
Because the earth rotates.
Air masses moving south in the Northern Hemisphere are turned__from their path.
The flow of air caused by____have caused distinct wind patterns.
Differences in heating and the coloris effect.
Wind patterns determine
2.)When and where ships and planes travel efficiently.
Sailors long ago had to avoid the _______-The windles zone of the equator,seems motionless
-The air is moving straight up.
Air at the equator is very hot and not very dense so it rises.
-Steady winds here blow southwest.
- these are the trade winds.
-provide route from Europe to America.
-Better place to sail
15 degress North of the equator
These are the ______prevailing westerlies.
-Route from america to Europe.
-These blow from southwest to Northwest
-Winds blow oposite area of trade winds.
Between 30-60 north/south of the equator
___is responsible for canadian and U.S weather movements.
The prevailing Westerlies
The last major wind system at the surface.
-These blow from North East to southwest (like trade winds)
Polar Easterlies
These __,___,__are the major wind systems at the Earths surface.
trade winds,prevailing westerlies,polar Easterlies
hot air___
cold air__-