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What frequency range does the SDPD radio's use.
800 MHz radio frequency
What FCC regulation states;"Stations in the Police Radio Service are authorized to transmit communications essential to official activities of the licensee."
Section 90.19(A) FCC
The FCC forbids profanity and any superfluous or extraneous transmissions such as terms of courtesy such as
please and thank you
Trunked operation is a unique process that uses a ________ to select the radio frequency to be used when the push to talk button is depressed.
During Trunked operations your radio offers what three advantages.
1) fast system access
2) enhanced privacy
3) ease of operation
In a Trunked system there is no need to monitor (unsquelched) a channel before transmitting.

True or False
SDPD radio systems has how many frequencies?
17 frequencies
How many frequencies controls all the radios in the system?
1 frequency leaving 16 frequencies for use.
Conventional Modes used in the 800 MHz system are primarily for what purpose?
Mutual aid and other agencies whose 800 MHz systems are not trunked or systems that are incompatible.
What is Conventional Operation?
The 800 MHz operation using the repeater system or Direct feature instead of the simulcast trunking system.
What is a Mode?
A Mode is an operational control similar to a radio channel in the VHF conventional system.
How many modes are in each zone?
16 Modes are in each zone.
What is a Frequency?
A defined point in the radio band.
Zones, modes and channels do not have specifically assigned or dedicated frequencies in a trunked system except in what operation?
In the normal Failsoft condition each talk group is pre-assigned what kind of channel?
A conventional channel.
What is a radio system that shares multiple frequencies among many users?
A Trunked Radio System.
What does the definition of "Simplex" mean?
A single channel communication system.
SDPD's VHF system is a simplex system that uses?
SDPD has how many zones?
SDPD has 13 zones.
The Motorola Spectra A7 is programed in the _____ _____ operation?
Explain what Operator Selectable means.
Operator Selectable means you can choose or configure the feature to meet your specific needs, independent of the selected mode.
The Motorola Spectra A7 radio can scan up to ____ modes. Including ___ priority modes?
16 modes including 2 priority modes.
What button do you push and how many times do you push it to make a scan mode a first priority?
Push the Sel button in the Scan mode 3 times to make it a first priority.
How many beeps will you hear when the Emergency Button is pushed.
5 beeps.
The radio must be turned on from the control head before sending alarms using the field installed Emergency button.

True or False
What button when pushed will transmit directly to another unit without going through the repeater system?
The Dir button.
When would you want to use the talk Direct feature? (Mobile to Mobile)
You are outside of the range of your repeater system and are close to other mobiles with whom you wish to talk.
All Motorola Spectra A7 radio models have up to how many zones?
The Motorola Spectra A7 radio models have 25 zones.
A zone is a grouping of ____?
A mode is a group of transmit and receive frequencies?

True or False?
What prevents the locking up of a repeater or channel by prolonged keying of the transmitter.
Time-Out Timer.
The Time-Out Timer can be programmed for 30,60,90,120,150,180, or 210 seconds. How is it shipped from the factory?
The Time-Out Timer is shipped from the factory with a programmed 60 second timer.
The volume control levels range from ____ to ____ ?
Volume ranges are from 0 to 15.