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_____________ is the set of requirements that lead an animal to behave in a particular way at a particular time and place.
___________ is an inherited tendency to produce organized and unalterable responses to particular stimuli.
Freuds belief that sex is the main human drive is an example of ___________ causing human motivation.
Humans are remarkably ___________ in the way we can respond to any stimulus, thus it is hard to assign importance to instinct emotions.
_____________ is a belief that goals that motivate us (finding a mate) and general cognitive strategies for achieving goals (deception) are inborn.
Evolutionary Psychology Theory.
A______ is an internal imbalance that motives us to reach a particular goal to reduce the imbalance. If you achieve the goal you reach _________.
drive. homeostasis.
________ wrote the "Wisdom of the Body" which argued the importance of homeostasis.
According to cannon, homeostasis is (passive or active) state.
_______ theory states that we perfomr best when we are at an intermediate level of arousal.
_________ law is associated with Arousal Theory.
if we are ____-aroused we are sluggish

if we are ________- aroused we become ADD.

as intuitive as this sounds, not all studies support this law.
_______ showed that people like art, music, etc. when it is not too _______ and not too _______.
Berlyne. simple/complex.
________ are a stimulus or event that draws animals towards a particular goal in anticipation of a reward.
_________ is the condition that occurs after an animal has given up hope in incentives- i.e. if you think that there is a way to reduce your suffering, you're going to try- but if you find you can't ... you give up. This is related to depression.
Learned Helplessness.
__________ and _________ proposed the "Need for Achievment Theory".
McClelland and Atkinson
People who have high need for _________ tend to assume that their successes are due to their personal characteristics, where as failures are due to environmental circumstances.
It was found the __________measures of need for achievement are better predictors for success than explicit measures.
_________ an _________ proposed the "Need for Cognition" theory.
Cacioppo and Petty
People who have a high _________ tend to engage in and enjoy thinking.
need for cognition
Who came up with the hierarchy of needs theory?
_______theory has alot of holes in it and peoples motivation does not always follow suit. His theory also doesnt apply to all cultures.
Maslow's hierarchy of needs
__________ came up with the "Regulatory Fit Theory".
Different strategies and behaviors will appeal to different people. __________ theory has research support
Regulatory Fit Theory
List the "Best Strategies" in Higgins "Regulatory Fit Theory".
Eagerness related (related to promotion)

Vigilence related (related to prevention).