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Mosiah 1
King Benjamin's exhortation to his sons, Mosiah, Heloram, Helaman
Mosiah chosen king
He receives plates
Mosiah 2-4
King Benjamin's discourse
Mosiah 5
Effect of discourse
Mosiah 6
Mosiah's reign begins
Death of King Benjamin
Mosiah 7
Ammon's expedition
Discover's people of King Limhi in bondage
Mosiah 8
Ammon learns of discovery of 24 gold plates
Mosiah 9-22
Record of Zeniff
Mosiah 9-10
Zeniff's reign
Restores cities, till ground, prevails over Lamanites
Mosiah 11
Zeniff confers kindom on son Noah
Prophet Abinadai denounces wickedness of Noah and his priests
Mosiah 12
Abinadai cast in prison
Mosiah 13
Abindadi protected by divine power

Prophecies of Christ
Mosiah 14-16
Abinadi's prophecies
Mosiah 17
Martyrdom of Abinadi.

Conversion of Alma.
Mosiah 18
Alma baptizes

Noah sends an army to destroy him.
Mosiah 19
Gideon's insurrection.
Lamanite invasion.
Noah's death by fire.
His son, Limhi, made tributory monarch.
Mosiah 20
Noah's priests carry off daughters of Lamanites.
Mosiah 21
People suffer in bondage.
More about 24 gold plates.
Great joy at coming of Ammon.
Mosiah 22
Gideon's plan.
Captive people escape.
Mosiah 23-24
Account of Alma and his people.
Amulon rules over them.
Mosiah 25
Zarahemla, descendant of Mulek.
Record of Zeniff and Alma is read.
Alma authorized to establish the church.
Mosiah 26
Lord instructs Alma how to deal with unbelievers and evil doers.
Mosiah 27
Miraculous conversion of Alma Jr. and four sons of Mosiah.
Mosiah 28
Mosiah permits sons to preach to Lamanites.
24 gold plates translated.
Alma the Younger given the records.
Mosiah 29
Judges elected.
Death of Alma Sr.
Death of Mosiah, ending reign of Nephite kings.