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Morphine Trade Names
Duramorph, MS contin
Morphine Class
Narcotic (opiod)
Morphine Mechanism of action
analgesa, sedation, and alterations of mood. Opiods of this class do not usually eliminate pain, but they reduce the perception of pain by the CNS
-reduces pain of ischemia
-reduces anxiety
-venous pooling and decreases venous return to heart
-decreases systemic vascular resistance (afterload)
Pain Response (sympathetic) What morphine reverses, and why a priority
Pain increases sympathetic response= ^HR, ^systemic vascular tone, ^BP, ^myocardial o2 consumption ==reason for pain relief is a priority in management of acute coronary syndrome
Morphine Indications
-Analgesic of choice for continuing ischemic chest discomfort unresponsive to nitrates
-Pulmonary vascular congestion complicating acute coronary syndromes
Morphine Dose
2 to 4 mg, slow IV push; give additional doses of 2 to 8mg IV.
Morphine Precautions
-Watch for Bradycardia
-CNS Depression
-Resp Depression
Morphine Contraindications
-hypersensitivity to morphine or other opiates
-Resp depression
-CNS depression d/t head injury, OD or poisoning
-Intracranial pressure
-U/K abdominal pain
Morphine Special Considerations
Ensure narcan and airway equip is availible
Morphine Onset/Duration
IV--Immediate (peak 20 min)
2 to 4 hours
Aspirin--Trade Name
Aspirin Class
-Non-narcotic analgesic
Aspirin Mechanism
-Blocks synthesis of thomboxane A2, inhibiting platelet aggregation
Aspirin Indications
-Chest discomfort or other s/s suggestive of an acute coronary syndrome (unless hypersensitive)
-EKG changes suggestive of MI
Aspirin Dosing
160 MG to 325 MG (chewed)
Aspirin Precautions
-Asthma (relative)
-active ulcer disease (relative contraindication)
Aspirin Contraindications
-Hypersensitivity to ASA
-Recent Hx of GI Bleed
-Bleeding disorders (hemophilia)
Aspirin Special Considerations
-use caution in pt with hx of asthma, nasal allergies. Anaphylaxsis can occur with ASA sensitivity
Aspirin Onset and Duration
-20 to 30 minutes
-4 to 6 hours